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The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan
2-23-8 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone: 81-3-5790-8164



Course line up

Basic Course
(Wat Pho style)

Total course of to open a salon

Thai reflexology course

One-day lesson Nuad Bo'Rarn Certifying examination
Salon running plan

Basic course to be an instructor

Advanced course to be an instructor

Special course
(Facial Massage & Pack)

Special course
(Nerve Touch style)

Special course
(ITM style)

Special course
(Thai style Oil massage course)

Study in Thailand course
(Nerve Touch School)
Study in Thailand course
(ITM School)

  • Attendance of each course costs the entrance fee of 20,000 yen other than the above-mentioned attendance charge. (Since one-day lesson comes out of an object, an entrance fee is not required.)
  • A consumption tax and text cost are contained in each course charge of the above-mentioned table.
  • Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan publishes a completion document for each course. (It is not published in one-day lesson.)
    Person who has finished both basic and advanced courses can get an authorization document of Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist published by Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan, and you can get counseling on opening a salon.

  • Basic course is to master the basic technique of Thai Traditional Massage Nuad Bo'Rarn. This is course for an inexperienced person. The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan prepares 3 typical schools of Thai Traditional Massage, and we set up the curriculum to add no arbitrary arrangement to make you master it same as the native country (Thailand). It is technique that massages the whole body everywhere. What we can say in common with this basic level is that you can master the general flow performed over several hours to massage from leg mixing up technique like acupressure and stretching.

We prepare 3 courses of technique, that is, Wat Pho style: representative of Bangkok style, ITM style: representative of Chiang-Mai style, and Nerve Touch style: authentic style based at Chiang-Mai. Each school has the defined flow and the turn of technique of each of is decided, but the total numbers of the technique differ. All schools have stretch that is a feature of Thai Traditional Massage Nuad Bo'Rarn. However, the technique and the numbers of the stretch differ. Of course, the total time of a general flow finishes also differs.

Let us explain the difference among these 3 styles briefly. Firstly, Wat Pho style would be the most standard one. Comparing with other two styles, it includes techniques like acupressure best. It is the feature that many techniques are seen: after pressing energy line strength with the thumb, it presses weakness in the palm. It is especially effective for quick recover of stiffness in the shoulders and backache. It takes about 3.5 hours with about 100 techniques. Secondly, the technique of Nerve Touch would be allocated stretching and acupressure by half and half. Its feature is that technique which massages and loosens muscles not only pressing, with the selected herb. It is effective after sports and for person who usually sports. It takes about 2.5 hours with about 70 techniques. Lately, ITM (Institute of Thai Massage) style would be opposite of Wat Pho style: it includes many stretching techniques to take in the motion of yoga and taikyokuken. Since the pressure is soft, it would be the technique that is for usual healthy management and strengthening of resistance with periodically massage.

Anyway, effect of all Thai Traditional Massage is same. It releases stress and it not only loosens stiffness, but also normalizes work of automatic nerve. It strengthens internal organs, maintains balance of hormone, and activates the body's immune system. This basic course can fully lead to relaxation. You can offer the ultimate relaxation just only bare hands, without oil and stick.

We recommend you to study the knowledge about structure of a human body and diseases much more to utilize the time shortened the actual massage. You can master the knowledge and technique of treatment level at the advanced course of The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan. It is the feature to start from belly button, not from leg. In case you do Thai Traditional Massage Nuad Bo'Rarn as a job, we essentially recommend you to master the advanced course.

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