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The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan
2-23-8 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone: 81-3-5790-8164


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Nuad Bo'Rarn Certifying examination

Doesn't the direction which gained experience gain a pro's license based on editorial supervision of an association by the direction studied in tie native country, and a certain method? It is the proof of reliance. Mark of reliance that a pro certificate is not being able to take a model and an operation is possible according to a visitor's needs. The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan period of treatment is examining on the basis of instruction of Thai Traditional Massage Association International. A certificate is published by those who passed and employment support and commencement-of-business consultation can be popular with them. Various support as a regular member of an association can be received now. Please reserve in advance.

course hours and fee

Course hours
- - - 6hours
Course fee - - -

30,000yen (including tax)

150,000 yen (including tax)
・Include a certificate of Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist by Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan(require 2certificate photographs)

・If a Nuad Bo'Rarn pro therapist certificate is published from Thai Traditional massage Association International, it is registered as a regular member of an association and business can be performed on protection of an association, and the basis of support. The employment to a salon not only becomes very advantageous, but can work now freely as a pro's therapist.

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