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The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan
2-23-8 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone: 81-3-5790-8164


Backup System

True association starts after graduation.

Counseling on employment, opening a salon
You can get the one-on-one counseling on opening a salon. Solid skill and trust are the most important things to stand against the Japanese depression economy. You will definitely have a bright future if you start to study with medical proof and know-how on opening a salon, not just studying the skill.

Open an independent salon of Thai Traditional Massage!
There are few specialists of Thai Traditional Massage in Japan, so we recommend you to open an independent salon. The key word for the 21st century is "Healing" and "Relaxation". Asian taste seems to be established completely from interior to meal, not just a fashion. Thai Traditional Massage makes you possible to start with few investment and small space. You can utilize your home or work focusing on business trip. If you work on freelance base, you can have your time. So, this is the very chance to study the skill of Thai Traditional Massage.

Exchange meeting of the persons in the same line
It makes you possible to solve problems to exchange information with the persons in the same line. You will be able to obtain useful information such as "response to visitors of various types" and "popular service among visitors" and so on. Some service in the previous year sometimes has almost no meaning at the time overflowing information. So, it is a key point of a success to attend the exchange meeting of the persons in the same line.

Take out a general liability insurance for a rainy day!
You can take out a general liability insurance for a rainy day. The most fearful thing after opening a salon is complaints from visitors. If you damage a visitor by massage, you have to pay compensation for damage by the millions of yen. Clinics such as acupressure, massage, acupuncture and moxibustion generally take out for these insurance, however, regarding salons for private qualification such as bone-crack, chiropractic and Thai Massage, it was hard to take out an insurance due to high insurance fee. Consequently, we tied up with Nippon Chiryo Kyokai (JHA) and you can receive the coverage for bodily injury liability of which payment to 100 million yen to one accident by 18,000 yen per year.

Family lawyers of the association support you!
In case of emergency, family lawyers of Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan get you out of trouble of Thai Massage across the nation. It seems hard to contract with family lawyers individually. Since they always support you when you are in trouble after graduation, you can concentrates on work at ease.

Perfect follow-up system by specialists
Specialists of Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan support you after you open the salon. Iit is consequently better to let specialists manage interior, marketing, HP, Internet promotion, salon system, employment, employment regulation, logo and brochure etc. Top-class professional team is waiting for you.

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