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The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan
2-23-8 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone: 81-3-5790-8164


 The experts of each field participate because of the diffusion of the Thai traditional massage.

I would like to tell many people the wonderfulness of Thaitraditional massage which can be relaxed very much, without using any tools. We hold a free experience seminar and provide you with the opportunity to have it experienced. We offer the courses according to your purpose from those who want to learn happily as their healthy management to the professional level called teacher, and we would like to tell an original technique intelligibly.

Megumi Matsumura

Thai Traditional Massage Association Japan director
The Nuad Bo'Rarn school director
Thai traditional massage, Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist
Reflexologiest of Thai style and European style



In Thailand, Thai traditional massage is one of the medicine which a country promotes originally. In order to take out an effect, we need to lengthen the body in the right direction in the exact position of energy line, or need to press at the right angle. We need to carry out with a right posture and a right model, in order to do so. I have been engaged in instruction of Thai traditional massage over many years, and also have taught in the United States before. Just, this is healing art and art. If you want to learn completely, we recommend you the Nuad Bo'Rarn school Japan which I am supervising. When you come to Thailand, please surely come to ITM.


Chongkol Settharkorn

Thai Traditional massage association Japan adviser
ITM (Institute of Thai Massage) director



I established Herbal Massage (Thai Massage of Nerve Touch style) which took in the medicinal herb medicine which is one of the Thai medicine. I want to extend this authentic Thai traditional massage on the basis of cooperation with Thai Traditional Association Japan in the whole world. This herbal packs are recommendation especially with the material selected carefully at a woman. When you come to Chiang Mai, please drop in to Nerve Touch freely.

Lek Chaiya

Northern part Thai herbal union director
Thai Traditional massage association Japan adviser
Nerve Touch director

In the technique of stretching, the cosmetics effect could expect Thai traditional massage, since it gives a stimulus to cells. I hear that Thaitraditional massage is brought close to the ideal form of the man original rather than a diet. It has an effect not only to an client but to a therapist. Although it does not carry out pressure to a direct frame, it can remove muscular strain. Since it has many dangerous techniques if it is mistaken in a way, althoqugh Thai traditional massage is called relaxation, please master surely exact work to the body.


Naoyuki Fukui

Anatomy charge in the advance course of The Nuad Bo'Rarn school
Fukui Skill Treatment founder
Fukui Skill Treatment Clinic director

The saloon which Mr.Watanabe produces is the 21st century-type really new hearring saloon. It is not a mere premise to be the space where it can make itself at home. The hitch which even a detailed part understood fully is seen with the hitch which is born of the concept of "A feeling all of 5 is found to healing." here and there. The space-making where it is difficult but all tranquility and happiness are produced heartily in the state is very pleasant. It is probably to become the reference of the interior certainly. It always helps. Give me contact.

Yasuhiko Sekimoto

Thai Traditional Massage Association Japan director
The coordinator of salon space and construct charge
The president of NEAT Co



Therapists use their whole body to massage away the stiffness, so Thai style is unique. It seems that the bodyworks like shiatsu, chiropractic, amma, and massage are derived from Yoga in India. Each therapy developed its own way through the long time. Muscle is attached to the bone by ligament, so I think the true character of Tubo and Sen is ligament. It doesn't matter whether you have a national license or not. It is important for us to check the physical condition of customer in detail and massage with proper techniques.

Munehiro Takayama

Thai Traditional Massage Association Japan director

Musashino Rebirth co.,ltd.
Representative director

Practioner of Amma, Massage, and Shiatsu

There are many parts which a Thai massage line is to, the point of the acupuncture moxibustion acupressure and to pile up, too, and there is an interesting thing in this comparison. Moreover, it is not still good all Thais at the technology though there were many opportunities to go to Thailand and it touched various Thai massage. Be careful because there are many irresponsible masseurs, too. This is one of the Thai tradition culture. It is probably to become more popular.

Makoto Endo

Thai Traditional Massage Association Japan director

Acupuncture and Shiatsu charge
Publisher of Bankok Times and Wai Wai Thailand
Sachino Co.,Ltd

Practitioner of Acupuncturist and Shiatsu



Thai traditional massage is ultimate relaxation. Thai old rite massage is surely added to the menu though a spa resort has been being a topic abroad. This is not only Japan but also worldwide flow. Demand will expand all the more even if it is seen from the viewpoint of the preventive medicine. But, the saloon of the irresponsible technological level at the same time is probably to increase, too. It is worried about a general guest's recognizing the thing of that level as a Thai traditional massage.

Ken Sato

Thai Traditional Massage Association Japan director
The SPA Japan organization director
All about (recruit) esthetic division

The president of Pacific SPA Consultants Inc
The representative director of Natures

The user of the Internet falls into the increase. It will be the existence which can't be missed all the more as the 21st century-type promotion from now on. It can get the number of access, and it is a point more than making the page that design is expensive to make the page which actually has effect if it is not here because it becomes a WEB, designer. Originally an owner himself operates the advantage of the homepage, and it is not to spend money. Know-how for that and a technique, a device, and so on are introduced.

Eiji kakugawa

The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan/Total course of to open a salon
Internet promotion charge

Fubuki Inc
Representative director

I would like to tell you the true wonderfulness of Thai traditional massage. I think that spread in a true meaning is that the people in connection with it can make their living.I think that I help your business plans. Since your success leads to the spread of Thai traditional massage, please do your best.

Soichiro Watanabe

Thai Traditional Massage Association Japan director
Healing Space muu and Healing Space AsiaS producer
Healing business management consultant
Independent commencement-of-business course business charge
The representative director of Healing therapy development, Inc.



A treatment act can't be done if it doesn't have another state qualification though it hits a treatment variously legally. And, because there is no diagnosis right, either, it is very dangerous to give it an advice with a selfish guess.Try to cope with it as a patient as a guest more. Such a thing comes the really same to handle though there is a thing to belong to the category of the treatment variously in others as well, too. It is best that an accident doesn't happen by the medical treatment. Don't relax your attention, and a big accident is to do medical treatment carefully though it doesn't happen at the time of the present. Masanori Yamaguchi

Thai Traditional Massage Association Japan
Consulting lawyer

Okada synthetic law office

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