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The reasons why leg massage plays such an important part
In October 2000, NHK(Jpan broadcasting station) showed a TV programme featuring Thai traditional massage, with the theme being"Why Traditional Thai massage is concentrates on the legs". In the programme, using medical equipment to measure results, they tested foot massage
and shoulder massage, and in what way the body reacts to these different areas being massaged.
The subjects of the test had not slept the previous night, so were extremely tired. As the blood
circulation was not as good as their normal reading, their blood pressure too was higher than
regular, and their skin temperature was lower than normal.

Firstly Nuad Bo'Rarn was performed for 30 minutes on the feet and legs. The results showed that not only the legs, but also the upper body temperature was considerably raised. In addition, the blood pressure was reduced to a normal reading after the massage. The shoulder massage was then performed. However the results showed that the body temperature of the shoulders only increased slightly, and a considerable change could not be seen. Summing up the experiment results, it was scientifically proven that the foot and leg massage which is central to the Nuad Bo'Rarn routine, not only relieves the muscles in the leg area, but also has a great Effect on other parts of the body.

The Secret About Leg Muscles!
It was revealed that the points of leg massage were the same as those as the leg muscle points.
The major muscle on the front of the thigh was particularly massaged on in the leg massage.
So what's the secret behind leg massage?

Before we answer this, let's look into the anatomical aspect of the leg. The autonomic nervous system is strung like a net throughout the body. These nerves Muscles in the hands and feet can be controlled by nerves, but these are a different type of nerve. When the body is weak, the workings of the autonomic nervous system become slow and imbalanced.

So what happens when the autonomous nervous system is not functioning normally? For example, if the organs are affected, for example the stomach doesn't function properly when eating. As a result, nutrition from the food cannot be absorbed and the vicious circle ends up with
the stomach deteriorating even more. If the hormones are affected, for example when the female hormone balance breaks down, often periods are missed, the immune system is lowered,
and it becomes easy to catch colds. For this reason, the autonomous nervous system plays an incredibly important part of the body. The experiment mentioned previously, demonstrated that the autonomous nervous system was returned to normal by the Nuad Bo'Rarn massage to the legs.

The Legs are the Switch to the Brain?
In the major muscles of the legs, there are special "switches" that make the autonomic nerves activate the center of the autonomic nerve system located in the brain. The legs in particular have more than three times, and various switches than in the arms. In the experiments, the massage stimulated the switches and sent signals to the brain. The legs were the switch to the brain, and this is the reason why Thai traditional massage - Nuad Bo'Rarn is concentrated on the legs.

It Hurts a Little, but It's kind of a Nice Hurt!
The key to activating these switches is to apply suitable pressure to the points. It can't be too strong nor too soft. If it is too painful, the brain will interpret it as a stress, but on the other end of the scale, if the stimulation is too soft, the brain cannot interpret any signal at all. The most suitable pressure is one that "hurts a little, but it's kind of a nice hurt".

The Benefits of Thai Traditional Massage - Nuad Bo'Rarn
The benefits of Thai traditional massage is not only to heal the aches and pains of the body!
Thailand's Ministry of Health recognizes that there are over 60 types of sicknesses or conditions that benefit from and improve with Thai massage. These include high blood pressure, bad circulation in the feet and hands, constipation, allergies, migraines, diabetes, irregular periods, weak immune system, low blood pressure, eating disorders, asthma, and anemia.

Recently Thai traditional massage has been included as a treatment for these sicknesses at University hospitals. In addition, Thai traditional massage is being taught in the ethical education periods at primary schools in Thailand, and is being promoted by Thailand as a traditional culture.

1. Organs
Weak stomach, chronic stomach ulcer, constipation, diarreah, eating disorders, physical stamina, aging prevention, immune boosting, high blood pressure,
low blood pressure, anemia, blockage of the arteries, bad circulation to the hands and feet, irregular periods, inability to get pregnant, asthma, allergies.

2. Tense, tired and stiff muscles
Lethargic body from stiff muscles, sore back, stiff shoulders, tired eyes, stiff neck and back, rheumatism, sore knees, stiff legs, or tired legs.

3. Beautifying Physically
Prevents obescity, beautifies the waistline, relieves swollen calves, revitalizes the skin cycle, reduces wrinkles.

4. Beautifying Mentally
Insomnia, panic attacks, relieves stress and irritation

The Benefits of Reflexology (Foot massage)

In the beginning of the 20th century, Doctor Fitzgerald from Germany noticed that when he was massaging his injured finger, his toes on the opposite side to that he was massaging, became warm. He also discovered that the body was a mirror which reflected itself like a " map". On the soles and the top of the feet, nerves are located which control the body and autonomous nerve system. Reflexology is the stimulation of the opposite soles and tops of the feet, to control and maintain the patient's well being. When the circulation deteriorates, the body becomes tired, and the body slowly becomes imbalanced. It is often said that the feet act as the second heart. This means that the two thirds of the muscles are in the legs, so they play the role as the pump transporting the blood back to the heart which has circulated from the heart originally. Generally, the blood pressure for the legs is about a tenth of that of the upper body. This is why the blood cannot circulate very well in the feet which are the furtherest away. It is often the case that there are toxins trapped in the feet. By carrying out reflexology on the feet, it stimulates the muscles, arteries and nerves, promoting the blood circulation. As a result, these toxins are flushed away, with clean blood supplying oxygen. The body must be clean inside before it becomes clean outside!

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