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The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan
2-23-8 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone: 81-3-5790-8164


Feature of the school

Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan directly manages The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan to popularize Thai Traditional Massage. The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan instructs the skills of the native country (Thailand) as they are to tie up with schools in Thailand. We add no arbitrary arrangement to make you master the traditional Thai medical treatment with 2500 years history. We commit ourselves to thoroughly instruct the points in detail with a small number of people class since our purpose is to let you be able to do.
Thai Traditional Massage is roughly divided into two styles. One is southern skill mainly in Bangkok, and the other is northern skill mainly in Chiang-Mai, and we prepared courses for each skill. Since the school curriculum adopts free time appointment system, you can take lectures at your pace, and master the hot skill completely with using your way home from work and holidays effectively.
After graduation, you are registered as an association member and you can get a completion document and an authorization document of the association. We prepare thoroughgoing system such as supporting to get a job, free consultation to open a salon, formality of taking out a general liability insurance, promotion by way of internet, holding a practitioner symposium, and follow-up system by family lawyers and specialists. The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan instructs a real skill, and thinks to follow after graduation with you.

Since it is a unit system, acquisition is possible at your pace (free time system of the morning, an afternoon and night)
It considered so that attendance might be possible at convenience of every person. One unit is 3 hours. They are one-day three units (collecting 9 hours) so you can take a lecture in little free time, after work finishes. A lecture is taken and acquisition for a short period of time is also possible. Since a curriculum does not advance for the sake of a school's convenience, extra lesson does not exist. Of course, at any time is possible for entrance into a school.

A small number of people system thorough instruction

" it is different to teach that it can do We adhere to how to teach. "
The theme, how is it a part intelligibly and is always making into the subject whether to be given. Even each technique and its meaning are explained using an original text. Of course, it is a a small number of people system, therefore being able to do.
Free use system of the study room
The time as for which the study room is vacant is wide opened to you. We absolutely recommend it since to practice with your fellows who understand the skill will improve your skill. You will have new questions by checking, and to shower questions to the instructor makes you understand the skill much better.

The pro certificate of Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan
The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan is an official-recognition school of a Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan, A ertificate of Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist is published by the graduate of a practice advance course or an independent commencement-of-business synthesis course from the association. The usual association certificate is free of examination, and can gain in this school.
Excellent instructors
In The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan the lesson is performed by the excellent instruction members of a lecturer which the Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan accepted. A lecturer is thai people and a Japanese. It had only the able instruction member in stock.

Daily councelling
Worth of a school is decided by whether the graduate is playing an active part after that. The graduate of this school with an actual result is playing an active part not only in Japan but in the world considering a tie formula massage as work. Every person has each future. There is the purpose. He always does not forget this but little counseling with you is performed.
High rate of employment and possibilities of employment in various offices
You can be employed to many offices such as an affiliated salon, direct management salon, massage shop, manual therapeutics or chiropractic clinics, and sports club and so on. There are few specialists of Thai Traditional Massage in Japan authorized by the association. Therefore, employment is the sellers' market.
Intern at salon
At a independent commencement-of-business synthesis course, it is exercise in a salon. although only technology is studied "if compelled commencement of business that to which many kind of questions, such as the method of fine service and fine reception, a register and a check, sales management, and customer management, will be born if it becomes " it is . Therefore, it refrains from independence or commencement of business, and even if it takes the on-the-job training in an actual store, it is helpful.

Independent opening a salon, instruct the know-how for freelance
You have difficulties to open a salon, that is, "How to advertise a salon", "How about account?", "How to recruit staff", "What is social insurance?", "How to rent a salon" and "What should be prepared?" But don't mind! We thoroughly support if you are highly motivated.
Perfect follow-up system
In Japan, Thai Traditional Massage is legally restricted due to the private qualification. However, we take out a general liability insurance for a rainy day and family lawyers of the association support you after graduation.

Information will be provided after graduate
After graduation can participate in an exchange meeting or various events. Moreover, free participation can be carried out also at practitioner symposium for improvement in technology. The newest information and employment information also arrive.

●Admission at any time, and short-term intensive attendance
●Free time appointment system in the morning, afternoon, and at night
●Thorough instruction with a small number of people (6 people per class)
●Free use system of the study room
●Permanent discount system of the direct management salons
●Publish a completion document and an authorization document of the association
●Support to get a job and to open a salon
●Register as a therapist across the country
●Take out a general liability insurance for a rainy day
●Thorough instruction the know-how for independent commencement of business
●Follow-up system by specialists
●Legal aid services by family lawyers
●Register as a group salon and an official salon
●Promotion system with the association by way of the internet

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