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The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan
2-23-8 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone: 81-3-5790-8164


Apply for free experience

We sometimes hold FREE LESSON PROGRAM.
If you would like to attend, Call us and check the date,please.

Any schedule mentioned above-cited will be advanced by the following program.

Change of clothes・
fill in the questionnaire
Orientation 11:00〜11:45
Actual training 11:45〜13:00
Individual consultation 13:00〜14:00

Since seminar has a capacity, please reserve earlier.
If you want to visit school in addition to the free experience seminar,
please let us know your convenient date and time.

Although you are interested in school of Thai Traditional Massage, you should be cautious about choosing your school that is concerned with your future.
There must be many questions such as “What is the school like?” “What is the lesson like?“ “What is the difference of technique between schools?” “How should I do to open a salon?” “What is the teacher like?” Please clear up your uneasiness to experience a lesson actually and study typical technique.

【Contents of a seminar】
・Explain curriculum (We explain finely curriculum of The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan which is not understood for a pamphlet.)
・Q&A (We reply to your question kindly.)                            
・Experience lesson (Please experience actual lesson of Nuad Bo'Rarn.)
・Individual counselling (We answer your question again such as things to notify after experience, things not to understand etc.)

【Participating application】
Application form or e-mail or telephone receives your participation. Each schedule mentioned above-cited has a capacity. Please apply after specifying your convenient date. An individual free consultation for opening a salon is held after the seminar. In hope, please apply it, too. (As the consultation is carried out individually, you may not have it for your convenient time.) Moreover, please finish changing your clothing by start time and wait in a classroom on the day.

【Things to prepare】
・The dress which is easy to move(jersey cloth, no jeans)
・Tools of writing
・Wet tissue(to wipe hands and legs)

The Nuad Bo’Rarn School Japan-
 2-23-8 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
 Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan, Head Office Building



【Application form for free experience seminar】

Free experience seminar
Convenient Date
Mobile phone
※In possession of only a cellular phone, please enter it as "nothing."
E-mail address
E-mail address
of mobile phone

※When you do not have the address, please enter it as "nothing."

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