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The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan
2-23-8 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone: 81-3-5790-8164



・It prepares for the Athens Olympic Games and strives for the spread of tie massages in Greece. a photograph --thai massage conduction of Greece -- a teacher -- Harry Sophras and the Watanabe principal It is under hard struggle to starting of a salon and a school in Greece with Megumi Megumi now.

・Kamakura - Yuigahama the thai massage corner on the beach "Little THAILAND " of a beach for thai massage spread. Graduates became deep-black and were shedding sweat to the thai massage.

・2003.02.14 At the international school of Minato-ku, the tie ancient rite massage was introduced to the children in the world. Children were also pleasures.


・2003.02.12 Tokyo Newspaper

・2003.02.02 The Asahi Shimbun Weekend Beat

Soichiro Watanabe (Director of the association) won the social culture service prize.

He received a prize of social culture service prize from Japanese culture promotion association of International exchange scientific culture organization; its director-general is Mr. Hiroaki Fushimi who is a former imperial family. It's because his distinguished services were esteemed to hope people's health and long life and played the role of international goodwill for spread activities of Thai Traditional Massage. Mr. Watanabe is in charge of business seminar at an opening a salon course of The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan, and he also produces salons.



Enjoyable and exciting lesson at "Thai food festival 2002" sponsored by The Kingdom of Thailand embassy.
Megumi Matsumura (head teacher) performed Thai Massage lesson at main stage of the festival. Although participants were ordinary people, they were striving for lesson earnestly. An ambassador in Japan Mr. Kasit Piromya talked about the spread of future Thai Massage.


Active part in Thailand/Chiang-Mai/appeared on Thai TV
Megumi Matsumura (head teacher) performed her technique at the stage of festival in Chiang-Mai. Thai TV reported her,
and she commented activities in Japan.


Admission lecture at Ikebukuro Community College
Megumi Matsumura's "Thai Traditional Massage/Nuad Bo'Rarn introductory course"

Topical relaxation "Thai Traditional Massage/Nuad Bo'Rarn" with stretch and acupressure
Since this is an admission lecture, it differs from the usual lesson of The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan.

A day of the week and time Biweekly Sunday(the 2nd and the 4th)
Opening-a-school day and attendance fee July〜September, Total 5 times, \15,000
Textbook fee (new comers only): \1,200
Application and Inquiry

Ikebukuro Community College 03-5992-0493


Session of Nuad Bo'Rarn and Manual therapeutics acupressure
Picture: Session of Megumi Matsumura (head teacher) and Dr. Takayama
Both Manual therapeutics acupressure and Nuad Bo'Rarn have roots in Indian Yoga. There are many common views.


A short-term concentration open class was held in Matsuyama.
10 people learned Thai Massage at an official salon "Relaxation Space WAI" in Matsuyama.
Please check here for participants' comment.



One-day one-man Thai Massage course
"Let's break free from one's fatigue by oneself! One-man Thai Massage course" was held at an event of a certain foreign-affiliated company.


Chiang-Mai style Thai Traditional Massage "ITM short course" was held.




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