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The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan
2-23-8 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone: 81-3-5790-8164


Voice of graduation

Under attendance of Thai reflexology course
Kyoko Kobayashi

I knew existence of the place and the Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japant which were investigating what school is it interested in a massage from before, and there is by the Internet etc., and surely wished to enter a school and study. While it actually had a class with you, teachers and a student, in response to the lesson although it was not memorized and was uneasy so that it might consider very much at first, gradually, happily, the lesson was also able to progress and he was also able to understand it. Although many things studied from now on still more also occur, I want to use for future taking advantage of having learned here.

Under attendance of Total course to open a salon
Jun Ando

While losing my way, the gate was suddenly struck with interest. While having been a quiet atmosphere, listening to explanation at an experience seminar, when it looked, it found teacher Gai who was cutting down back having left and having changed the seat immediately, and I thought that he will raised students keenly, and opted for entrance into a school. It experienced by various human relations seen in a lesson or order the heart is helpful, when their being the structure of people's body and different strokes for different folks of taste and its individual difference tend to be noticed and it is going to lead comfortably as he studies and the precious thing has been obtained. And I am going to make the space which can reply to the smile of your one time, a chat, or solution of fault.

Under attendance of Total course to open a salon
Akemi Otsuka

I have visited Thailand several times so I considered having and study massage there, however technology should not be attached to the body by short-term stay, after worrying, it acted as the school here. Although expense increased, it is also indispensable to make an investment, while it is said that the present pension program collapses when considering the future. moreover since I have a dream of overseas migration, it is good to master the skill which can come out and do even my body, like a massage. Although it is the midst of attendance and troubles are now suffered at this time, I want to grope efforts for the possibility to reliance.

Under attendance of Total course to open a salon
Daisuke Aoki

First ... I thought that it would enter a school since clear technology can master the cause which thought would enter a school for a short period of time in response to the lesson, the height of the level instructor's technology was actually felt. It is really uncanny. It not only massages the whole body in order, but it was surprised that there are many methods of an arrangement. Although the teachers of the instructor who is taking charge are Thai, they teach various work of "Thai people hardly know".
Future ... After graduate I wish to polish my technique further, and I cure the people of various occupations, and regard this work as whole my life.

Under attendance of Wat Pho style course and Thai reflexology course
Kunie Hisada

 It was thai massage which it is interested in the thing of a relaxation system from the first although I am working as a beautician now, and was hit in me. Although I thought that to go and study in Thailand in fact, there were various obstacles, and when it worried, this achool was discovered at internet. although bewildered by unfamiliar things a little at first, ... and a teacher also need to teach as much technology as possible earnestly. Moreover, the students there is much direction with the same mind and it becomes encouragement variously I am allowed to study happily in a very bright atmosphere, although age is just each, experiencing student feeling after a long time. Any will think ..., if one person can also go out with smiling, establishing my salon and making it link well with the present work.

Graduate from total course to open a salon
Makoto Sasabe
8/8/2003 He opened a group salon of Thai Traditional Massage Association"charng"in Wakayama.

I had the massage carried out several times in Thailand, when it thought that it was very much good and the thai massage was searched with the Internet, this school was known by chance, and it participated in the free experience seminar together with the wife. Since I wished to have some jobs in a hand, it was a good opportunity. although there was variously anxious as my fingers will be painful, about the ability of me to do, However I knew that if it carries out with the right posture using whole its own body, it is not necessary to damage a finger and the therapist will be good condition of health, and they were also able to take some uneasiness I act to this school as an ON school, and think that it was good. Too, is it because the schedule of commencement of business was decided? It is pointed out to teachers, and it thinks that it is very glad about the body. Students were also good only at good people. you, a teacher and a student, thank you very much.

It was the salon which pursues healing in Wakayama was opened on August 8, 2003. Although there was a variously serious thing by the time it was open, it has opened scrambling for connection by telephone, since there was support organization. The homepage was also started before opening and at least 50 or more numbers of accesses were counted immediately every day. Although it is this type of industry said for a visitor not to come easily at first, visitor come to the salon every day from opening until now. The operating method of a homepage is also memorized and I am also doing updating work personally now. Coverage also came to enter mostly by the favor. Please come to my salon to let's relax!

Graduated from to be an instructor course
Satoru Washino (A Nuad Bo'Rarn instructor authorized by the association)

I decided to enter this school after attending a free experience seminar. As the seminar was very clear and easy to understand, and the atmosphere of school was very great, I liked it. I liked passion and earnestness for Thai traditional massage of the staff more than anything else, I decided to take a course to be an instructor. Now, I am just studying at the course. Although it is hard for me to learn many techniques, it is a pleasure for me. It is especially interesting thing for me "to up the quality of each technique" that the school thinks much of. Besides, it is also a pleasure for me to meet many fellows through the school. What a miracle thing that massage born 2500 years ago is still loved and shared by many people! I will do my best to be an instructor trusted and loved by many people. I would appreciate your favor in the future.

Now, I work as a instructor at the school of thai massage called Loi Kroh Japan. Employment was also decided immediately. It is keenly realized that a level of the instruction member qualification of an association is very high. It is trusted from many directions and continues to do my best hard as instructor loved by students.

Graduate from total course to open a salon (specialized in ITM)
Akiko Miura (A Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist authorized by the association)
She is u nder preparation for opening salon: "Healing space Silk" .

I have been studying Yoga for 20 years. I instruct Yoga as a professor at Japan Yoga Association. I went to India by study tour via Thailand many times, and I had many opportunities to take Thai massage. I came to have a thought that an understanding of Yoga may be able to permeate through Thai massage since I experienced its comfort. Although I found that there was a school in Thailand, I was hesitating whether I could catch up with the lesson of those other than Japanese. At such time, I knew "Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan" which earnestly considers the spread of Thai massage and offers "salon" totally produced healing, and positively challenges its systematization, through internet. I could not keep waiting for experience entrance to "The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan", but went to it to inspection. Although instruction was very polite, I could not sometimes understand mostly since I was a beginner.
However, I could learn in comfort since review participation was allowed any number of times. I knew that generating Thai massage is originated in Yoga with 5000 years history, at the same time; it is called "Yoga for two". I aim at opening a salon, which takes advantage of a difference between Yoga and Thai massage in spring of 2003. Now I am working for a direct management salon "Healing space muu" to be able to meet visitors' demand, and I am self-training to be back-to-basics for a while.

Graduated from total course to open a salon course, and total course to be an instructor
Kengo Nishimori (A Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist authorized by the association)
He manages a group salon of the association "Relaxation space WAI" .

Although it was 2 months coming-up-to-Tokyo special training from Matsuyama, I also had lodging arranged. And I was a complete beginner, however, I took lectures from the beginning with thinking to open a salon. For opening a salon, I prepared a short course program such as 30 minutes and 60 minutes. Besides, since I could learn not only foot massage, but also esthetic menu such as techniques of peeling and head massage, I could open a salon with confidence. Service manual is utilized for instructing my staff after opening a salon, and manual for opening a salon mentions sales promotion methods with less money. So, I, who made a career switch from other business, will be able to do it well. I immediately looked for a real estate, and opened the 1st official salon to consult Mr. Watanabe (producer) about my plan. I also studied the promotion to utilize internet, and I am updating HP by myself now.
This just has an effect as if I had employed sales person of 24 hours business. I strongly recommend this way for persons who will open a salon. If this promotion is performed before opening, there is an effect to the extent that is surprised. Moreover, I took a lecture on total course to be an instructor anew, and I was able to master an instructor qualification honorably. I am going to challenge to spread Thai Traditional Massage furthermore as an official salon, with instructing Thai Traditional Massage in Shikoku-Matsuyama district.

Under attendance of basic course (ITM)
Hiroyuki Suzuki

I looked for an individual home business for some future days, and I found this school through internet. Since I was interested in Yoga and massage, I attended the free experience seminar instantly, and decided to enter the school. When I read textbooks for the first time, I became somewhat uneasy with whether I could understand these contents within attendance time, but I felt easy to hear that I could attend review participation even after the course. Moreover, instructors are so painstakingly and mildly for me even though I am a slow learner. I am glad that I can spend the time with instructors like that and pleasant fellows. Although I am still an inexpert, I want to repeat practice much more.

Graduated from reflexology course & Under attendance of basic course (ITM)
Hiromi Kanzawa

I have been taking a fancy for Thai massage since I went to Thailand two years ago. Although I often get a massage, I liked Thai style massage so much. However, there is no salon that I can get Thai massage in the neighborhood. I manage a shop of controlling undergarment and art make. So, I thought to introduce it on my menu, and participated in the reflexology course on June of last year. When I returned to my hometown and started it instantly, it was very popular and sales went up considerably. Therefore, I thought to introduce whole body massage on my menu. Now I am attending school again. Instructor is handholding, and easy to understand. Definitely, I enjoy learning it so much.

Graduate from total course to be an instructor
Kazuhiro Kawashima (A Nuad Bo'Rarn instructor authorized by the association)

I got to know about Thai massage through internet. The reasons I chose this school are: the passion over Thai massage has been transmitted from HP very well, and "adherence for teaching" such as lesson of a small number of people and free entrance system. Now I am attending a total course to be an instructor. I want to leave and tell Thai massage to the next generation very much. I think that I want to aim at social action and international exchange through Thai massage in the future. I confidently recommend those who are watching this HP to experience and study this wonderful Thai massage. Now I get a job for association headquarters, and think to support to spread Thai Traditional Massage. The association thinks, "To express the genuine techniques to adjust the time not just having techniques. For the people who think Thai massage as a business, the association heartily supports them to be their dreams come true.
"Although I became a member of the association to be impressed with its attitude, I want to make clear what I can to make good use of my experience studying English in the USA, knowledge, and massage etc. one by one for the future.

Graduated from opening a salon course
Akira Nishimura (A Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist authorized by the association)
He manages a group salon of the association "Nishimura Thai Massage" .

I am 55 years now. It is really the practice in penmanship of 50's. Although I was interested in Thai massage from the first, I suddenly visited the association to see the association's HP. When I asked persons of the association whether I can I master Thai massage for 2 months, they pleasantly accommodate me. To tell the truth, I worried about my age very much, however, I could master the techniques somehow thanks to Ms. Matsumura and staff's warm heart and kind guidance. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart. I used to run cleaning shops in Bancock, but I chose this school, which I can surely study, Thai massage by Japanese language. Though I am going to open a salon in Osaka, now I am consulting about various promotion ional strategies before opening a salon. Of course I utilize internet. I study internet for the first time, however, if I manage HP by myself, I could manage intimate promotion without money in the future.
I do my best so that I make visitors to be pleased not to forget many things that I have learned in this school. Thank you very much.

Graduated from opening a salon course
Hanae Minagawa (A Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist authorized by the association).

Although I was enjoying Thai dance as a hobby, I came to wish to touch Thai culture much more. I selected total course to open a salon, but I did not to open a salon so hastily. So, I took a job with a direct management salon at first, and I think that I want to gain experience for several years. It seems to me that I saw the end coming as a temporary employee, and I considered mastering some skills. Although I was a complete beginner, I proposed to enter a school immediately on that spot when I participated in a free experience seminar. Now I took a job with a direct management salon: healing space muu, and I lead a busy days with my fellows. As total course to open a salon is advantageous for working at the salon, I think I am very lucky. Please come and join us.

Graduated from basic course (ITM) & advanced course
Taisuke Ando (A Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist authorized by the association)

I attend a career college of acupuncture and moxibustion now. If I open the acupuncture and moxibustion treatment clinic in the future, I would like to examine patients based on acupuncture and moxibustion treatment, and plus "something". At such time, I could meet Thai massage timely and fortunately. Since there are many common points between Thai medicine and Chinese medicine such as view over a human body and approach for treatment, I was able to learn without sense of discomfort. As there are many difficult techniques of actual massage, it was hard for me to catch up the class. However, I came to be able to do it like most people somehow to practice with my fellows during the free time, and to ask instructors what I cannot understand well. Although I am surprisingly very easy to become hot and to cool down, I could enjoy studying it not to ever cool down to the last.I try not to forget techniques that I learned here to massage many people as much as possible.

Graduated from opening a salon course
Hisae Hanasaka (A Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist authorized by the association)

I like Thailand, and when I got Thai massage while traveling Thailand, I came to think that I want to do it by myself. Now I am taking lectures intensively, staying in the city of Tokyo. I am in good health, and I really feel it. As long as I investigated schools that instruct Thai traditional massage from an upper level to know-how of an opening a salon, it was only this school, and I entered here. If I study it in Thailand with an interpreter, there would be difficulties in studying medical technical terms. So, it is the best way to be instructed directly and in detail in Japanese. Although I was a complete beginner, they instructed me carefully with depending on my degree. It was really good for me to enter this school. Now I am training at a salon, and am studying know-how of business. After graduation, I am going to start the business at one of the rooms of my home.

Graduated from opening a salon course
Koji Yoshida (A Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist authorized by the association)
He manages a group salon of the association: "Healing space Shangri-La" .

Though I manage an osteopathic clinic in Kobe at present, I apply the interval of work and go to school by airplane. I am busy every day, but Thai traditional massage is a really wonderful technique. I think that I would like you to know its wonderfulness early also in Kansai. Although I enjoyed the basic course, now I am seriously studying sen massage technique that is aimed for treatment of hospitals in Thailand. Not it is my pleasure to come here, and I am sorry for my patients. There are many fellows, and I am doing an independence practice in Kansai area. I am going to open a group salon in Sannomiya (Kobe) separating from an orthopedic clinic to let many people know about Thai traditional massage. Relaxation business is very wonderful as visitors say "Thank you". I will gradually promote for opening a salon to consult with advisors of the association in detail. To spread wonderfulness of the original Thai massage properly, I have to keep on studying now.

Graduated from basic course (ITM style) & Reflexology course & advanced course
Ako Yamashita (A Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist authorized by the association)

When I experienced Thai massage actually, I surprisingly felt good, relaxed, and refreshed. I thought that it was clearly different from other massage. The more I examined it, the more I was interested in it, and thought to do it by myself. Although I was going to take just only the basic course at first, I took the reflexology course later. Now I am taking the advanced course. Since they are techniques that are preformed as treatment in Thailand, they are very profound, and I have to study many things comparing to the basic course. Although I take lessons for the interval of busy work, I think that I am growing up and learning it happily.

Graduated from basic course (Wat Pho style) & advanced course
Hitomi Izawa (A Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist authorized by the association)

Since my employment was decided, I had my attendance schedule adjusted and I have mastered over a short period of time. When I learned general techniques at the basic course, I enjoyed it so much. However, when I learned at the advanced course, other students were also so serious to learn. I was also surprised to the profound Thai massage to study its techniques such as structure of a body and sen massage leading improvement of diseases. As I utilized my free time to study with my fellows, I feel that it was pleasant and have finished in the short time. I am going to keep on studying it much more, and I feel easy since the association gives advice to me for everything after graduation.

Graduated from basic course (Wat Pho style) & advanced course
Shinichi Kageyama (A Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist authorized by the association)

I got interested in Thai massage after receiving massage when I went to Thailand before. I knew about this school through internet. Since I live in Chubu district, it is somewhat far. However, as they teach me so kindly, I think that I made progress considerably. Although I have to study much more, I want to do my best so that I can make visitors to be pleased. I think that Thai massage, which makes visitors to be satisfied mentally as well as loosening stiffness, is very wonderful. I go to advanced school in my ardent desire to make visitors to be satisfied much more. I think it really wonderful that people can be made to relax without using oil, fragrance and anything.

Graduated from basic course (Nerve Touch style) & advanced course & reflexology course
Yumiko Nakano (A Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist authorized by the association)

It was good to be taught techniques for a small number of people. Since I attended lessons while working, I took lessons 3 hours per day. The quantity of the lesson was exactly good and I was able to study certainly. I think that it is very good to get massage directly by instructor during the lesson. Besides, as the instructor answered to a question kindly each time, it was really easy to learn. I realized that instructor should be Japanese. Since I was an inexperienced person, I was going to take just a basic course, however, I went to reflexology course and advanced course, and I received a certificate as a therapist of the association. I heard that direct management salons will be opened from now, so, I work for Healing space muu for my future practice. Although I was turnover from clerical work, I am going to make this job as my lifetime work.

Completed basic short-term concentration course (ITM style)
Makoto Arai

When I read textbooks before the lesson, I felt uneasy that I could master the techniques of Thai massage in a short time, that is, I was surprised to the complete textbooks. It was hard for me to study many techniques per day as a short-term course, but I could master somehow thanks to easy advice of the instructor. I enjoyed the lesson so much, and it was really good for me to participate in this course.

Completed basic short-term concentration course (ITM style)
Naoko Miyata

I was a complete beginner, however, instructor explained me very carefully. Besides I enjoyed the lessons to talk about Thailand and India. It was also good that I was able to learn it at home by a small number of people, and it was also a good experience for met to meet with fellows having the same interest.

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