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The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan
2-23-8 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone: 81-3-5790-8164


Instructors and Lecturers
It is different to teach that it can do. We adhere to how to teach.

Counsel of the technique
Nerve Touch
Lek Chaiya

Counsel of the technique
Chiang-Mai ITM
Chongkol Setthakorn

Counsel of the technique
Head teacher of the Greece school
Instructor of thai massage
Megumi Matsumura

Head teacher of the Shibiya Head school
Instructor of thai massage
Salon Producer
nstructor of salon opening
Soichiro Watanabe

Instructor of oriental medical science
lecturer of anatomy
Fukui style therapeutic procedure
Naoyuki Fukui

Instructor of thai massage
Cover of basic course
Cover of reflexology course
Instructor of thai massage
Cover of advanced course
Cover of reflexology course
Lecturer of natural healing
Cover of facial course
Kyoko Yazawa
Lecturer of natural healing
Cover of thai style oil massage course
Lecturer of thai massage
Cover of Chiang-Mai style course
Tomoko Iizuka
Lecturer of salon planning/construction
Conpany executive of Neat Corp
Yasuhiko Sekimoto
Lecturer of thai massage
Extension lecturers

Cover of the Greece school
Harry Sophras
Lecturer of thai massage
Extension lecturers

professor of Japan Yoga Association
Akiko Miura
Lecturer of thai massage
Extension lecturers

Head teacher of Nishimori Thai Massage School
Kengo Nishimori

Lecturer of thai massage
Extension lecturers
Hiroaki Sotoma

Chongkol Setthakorn: Advisor of Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan is focused on by European and American mass communications as a pioneer of Chiang-Mai style Nuad Bo'Rarn. He is a person who is much talked about as a grand master teacher of a globally famous Chiang-Mai ITM. He was focused on by many newspapers, magazines, and TV programs such as "Massage Magazine" (U.S.A) and "New Vision Journal" (U.S.A) in 1991, "Yoga Journal" (Canada) and "Massage Therapy" (U.S.A) in 1992, "The Network Magazine" in 1993, "Thailand Times" (Thailand), "The Massage Massage" (U.S.A) and "Newsletter" (U.S.A) in 1994.

Lek Chaiya: Advisor of the association is called "Mama Lek", and is the person loved widely in Chiang-Mai. She is originally from a family that is making their living by massage, and her original form of the peculiar skill is the style taught by her mother. She has been playing a major role in the Herb Union in the northern part of Thailand as a Director since 1982. She started on an enterprise of the peculiar skill as "Nerve Touch" in 1997. There are many teachers in Thailand who were instructed by Mama Lek, and she has been playing an important role in Chiang-Mai.

Naoyuki Fukui explains mainly medical backing of the massage and structure of the human body such as bone and muscle at the advanced course. He analyzes Thai Traditional Massage from the medical aspect: "better posture for less strain, attention on massage for patients, and effect of a meal". He explains just what he has experienced from his practicing clinics in Tokyo and Kanagawa for 20 years. He has been studying not only Thai Traditional Massage but also acupressure, bone-crack, and chiropractic. He originally started "Fukui style therapeutic procedure" in 1995. He has been spending his time doing therapy and many patients visit him from overseas as well as from all over Japan. He is the very famous person whose name and therapy became to be known.

Megumi Matsumura
: Head teacher of the school worked at a certain employment agency. She was in charge of service, psychology and marketing program for a long time, and her unique and intelligible lecture was acknowledged. One day she visited Thailand to think that she wants to make people beautiful not only from appearance but from an inside. She gained her experience at many Thai Massage schools to study Wat Pho in Bangkok, Nerve Touch in Chiang-Mai etc., and she came to have exchange widely with the persons involved in Thai massage. She taught as an instructor at ITM in Chiang-Mai, and she studied thoroughly as an expert of Thai Massage, and has returned to Japan. She is the person who thinks seriously about the intelligible way of teaching Thai Traditional Massage with making her motto to "it is different to teach that it can do. We adhere to how to teach."

Soichiro Watanabe
totally advises the know-how of salon management as a producer for direct management salons of association such as "Healing Space muu", "AsiaS" and other official salons. He totally advises such as interior plan, musical production, representation, service, and event plan as a suggestion of "healing space to excite the senses". He is the person who has caught relaxation business synthetically from the actual result of ten years or more of corporate management. Of course, he also has the upper skill of Thai Massage, and he is a person who has consulted for the almighty as business. He instructs the know-how of opening a salon at the course of opening an independent salon.

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