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The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan
2-23-8 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone: 81-3-5790-8164





Q  Which is better, a Japanese teacher or a Thai teacher?
Both Japanese teachers and Thai teachers teaching in The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan are splendid, and also had the instruction member qualification of The Traditional Thai Massage Association International. Please confirm the height of the level of the lecture of this school by yourself by the free experience seminar or lesson inspection. Since a massage is sensuous, I think that whether which teacher is good finally poses a favorite problem.

Q  Can business be started only in the capacity of the Thai traditional massage?
Business can be started. By the law of Japan, since the Thai traditional massage is not accepted as medicine, it becomes treatment called various treatments. Therefore, it is not medical treatment and becomes a service industry to the last. State qualifications, such as acupressure, a Anma massage, and acupuncture and moxibustion, are accepted as medical treatment. Moreover, chiropractic, manual therapeutics, reflexology, etc. are belong to the same group as Thai traditional massage.

Q  What is the difference between southern Bangkok style and northern Chiang-Mai style of Thai Traditional Massage?
Though the effect of all Thai Traditional Massage is same, feeling of those who receive is different. Roughly speaking, southern Bangkok style (its representative is Wat Pho) is a rather strong massage. It is popular among those who are getting used acupressure or especially men. Northern Chiang-Mai style (its representative is ITM) is a soft touch. It is a way adhering to appearance, it is smart to include pose of Yoga. Its feature, that is, Acrobatic ways so called stretching are included. It has no pain and technique stretching muscle and well cosmetics effect, so it is especially popular among women.

Q  Are the foundations of a Traditional Thai Massage attached to the body through the basic course (wat Pho stile) of 30 to 60 hours?
Yes, you can. Everybody makes steady progress and it is OK even if they perform massage on visitors. However, a review is necessary. Please be sure to perform review at a house. It is impossible to massage visitors if you do not practice. The turn of massage will be memorized if you read a textbook. But when you review, please check finely points that you press the right point of muscle, you do not press bone and so on. We are keeping such instruction in mind. There are some persons with experience that remember the whole flow, but pushing points are shifted. This makes the body to be broken, not relaxation.
Yes. Considerable progress is expectable. In a lesson of this school, it teaches carefully until it confirms finely it not only memorizes the turn of technique, but whether it sees a text and each technique is pressing down the position where muscles are right, or the bone is not pushed and foundations attach it to the body.

Q  The basic course had become 30 hours in Thai. Why the basic course in this school is longer?
A completion certificate will be published if technology sufficient in 30 hours is learned. When not enough still in 30 hours, a lecture can be taken for a maximum of 60 hours. Since the purpose learns sufficient technology, the charge by 60 hours is no charge.

Q  Although general technology was learned when it went to a tie to travel, it is not confident . How is technology raised if it carries out?
It is the question asked from many pepple. Practice is the most important. Please consider the right practice as people with high massage technology. If intensive special training of one-to-one is performed at the "one day lesson" of this school for 6 hours, as you are an experienced, improvement in a technical level can be aimed at certainly. A coming by all means.

Q  Is it difficult to open a salon only by taking a lecture on Basic course?
It is danger. When you finish the basic course, you can do the general techniques. However, in case of opening a salon, there is a strong possibility of occurring accidents that you massage without checking visitor's physical condition, as all visitors are not healthy. The disease, which the visitor himself/herself has not noticed, appears. Please open a salon after you learned surely medical knowledge. In case of opening a salon, we recommend to take advanced course after basic course, or learn synthetically through an opening a salon course.

Q  Would you teach a little more concretely, although it seems that medical description is also included through practice at the advance course?
Although it becomes a lesson, six of advance course 30 hours are applied to this. Mr. Naoyuki Fukui for commencement-of-business history 20 years will take charge. The teacher is beginning to study the thai traditional massage, although acupressure, the balance of chiropractic and food, etc. are specialities. A place which is known if explaining the structure of the body, work, etc. In 6 hours reads a text, since it is a talk impossible after all has omitted explanation. The time of a lesson is assigned to explaining notes, a point, etc. at the time of actually starting business rather than it. It is a very practical lesson. Let's ask a question rapidly with the intention of actually running business.

Q  What is the difference between Thai reflexology and Taiwanese or British reflexology?
Reflexology itself effects each part of a body to stimulate the reflective division of sole. Though it has progressed in these years, Thai style is belonging to Chinese and is the oil massage with a stick and finger. Considering an overall impression, it is softer than Taiwanese style, and stronger than British style. Since it is a middle-way, it is generally favorite. Most visitors have a sleep during the massage. Our Thai reflexology course instructs massage of sole as well as below knee.

Q  For the moment, I am no feeling to open salon although it is employment hope, which course is recommendatin?
In order to receive a pro's authorization from Thai Traditional Massage Association International, if you take even a lecture on the advance course, it is splendid after basic course completion. Now, real technology is attached to the body about thai traditional massage / Nuad Bo'Rarn. However, the direction which mastered even the technology of Reflexology or others is considered to be advantageous with it being overwhelming. Therefore, it could be said that Total course of to open a salon is the most advantageous. what that cannot be employed although the technology and the knowledge of the level which is not amusing are mastered even if it carries out independent commencement of business -- there is almost no lever -- it is alike and I think that it is equal. However, though regrettable, in Japan, the salons of thai massage are insufficient still more. Whether it is not necessarily found near a house is the situation which cannot be said not at all. Since the graduates of Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan run the salon all over the country rapidly, they introduce rapidly.

Q  What thing is studied in the salon intern training included in Total course of to open a salon?
You will work in a salon and servise for visitor as an intern . It can learn broadly to how from opening preparation to register operation and a visitor to touch, how to make tea, how to recommend a coupon, and after-sale service. Please master the method of a relaxation service industry. When starting business personally, the experience should have led to confidence. Moreover, since it comes out to a salon after receiving pro authorization, at the time, even the place which operates on a visitor is studied with satisfactory technology. Confidence will be given and it will be called graduation.

Q  How much does it cost to open a salon at my residence?
It depends on the way. In case you open a salon to utilize one of your room of a house, it could hardly cost. They are at least mat cost, massage cream cost, towel cost, sheet cost, pillow cost, water service fuel and light prices, and stationery cost. Since technique and service is a sales point, it does not cost for purchase. The type of business, which can be opened without spending cost much, is very rare. In case you open a salon independently, you only can start business without spending money, but there are no retirement age and no restructuring.

Q  Even if I can master the techniques, if I am going to open a salon, I do not know the way to sales promotion and fine procedure at all. What should I do?
We instruct you sales promotion etc. at an opening a salon course. For example, there are many things such as word-of-mouth communication, handing out an advertising literature, posting, and internet promotion that are able to do for free. You can learn in detail such as return and report to the tax office. Moreover, since we perform the free opening a salon consultation, please leave us.

Q  Is it possible to attend a lecture of partial massage such as head and face separately within an opening a salon course?
No, they are absolutely included an opening a salon course. Not only Thai Traditional Massage but in order to meet the request from visitors synthetically, partial massage, peeling, etc. which are set to some sub menu can be studied.

Q  What is studied in salon training of an opening a salon course?
We would like you to receive visitors as an intern at the direct management salon. You can learn widely such as opening preparation, cash register operation, attitude toward taking care of the visitors, way to serve tea, way to offer coupon ticket, and customer service. Please bring know-how as relaxation service business home thoroughly. When you open your salon, the experience should have led to confidence.

Q  Is it possible to experience to work at the direct management salon of the association for about a half-year or one year after finishing opening a salon course and get a certificate of the association?
Of course it is possible. Once Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan authorizes you as a therapist, you can find a job not only direct management salon of the association but on the HP from your side. Many people visit HP of the association, so salon owners related to Thai Traditional Massage visit it obviously. The sales point of The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan is follow-up.

Q  What is the merit to open an official salon after graduating from an opening a salon course?
We introduce your salon in the HP of the association as an official salon of the association at all times for free. We never get a margin from you after opening a salon. We also introduce your salon by mail magazine "Thai Massage Favorite Magazine" for free when you open a salon. Moreover, your salon is promoted by going hand-in-hand with promotion of the association at all times. However, the salon is required a regulation of a fixed level such as technique, service, area of a salon, and promotion. When your salon clears these things, it is authorized as an official salon. Simply saying, the association itself does back-up perfectly.

Q  Does "SEN" of "SEN Massage" mean an energy line? What operation is it?
It is the massaging method performed along with an energy line "SEN." By thai traditional massage, although mainly massaged to ten "SEN", each "SEN" has an effect in easing some illnesses. It is a technique effective for 1 hour and a half stimulating more intensively not the fundamental technique that massages the whole body everywhere but a specific part from 1 hour, and making the illness ease. In this school, although included in the curriculum of an instruction member, this is clearly verified as tie medicine / medical treatment.

Q  Is it possible to work as an instructor of The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan after the Basic course to be an instructor
Of course it is possible. Though we carry out a test, we guarantee completely your employment. There is a saying "Teaching differs from understanding." in US. The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan adheres to how to teach to the last. Because whether you can do or not depends on how to teach. Within Basic course to be an instructor, you attend a class and support an instructor as an intern. Lectures of way to talk and explain are also included. The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan that adheres to how to teach makes you do it surely.

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