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The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan
2-23-8 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone: 81-3-5790-8164


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Total course to open a salon

This is a course for those who want to open a salon, and you can learn all know-how from basic to opening a salon even if you are an inexperienced person. You study basic course, advanced course and reflexology course. And you also study natural esthetic techniques such as peeling, hand care and face care at the natural healing lesson. You also learn service as an intern, and you actually receive visitors. Concerning business-related matters, we instruct you according to concrete plan such as a future industry view, how to create a salon concept, marketing, structure, point of making flier, sales promotion like posting and street campaign, customer management, how to up customer transaction by phone, measures to up repeat rate of visitors, method of tie-up with a company, and internet promotion. Soichiro Watanabe who is a producer of popular and hot topic salon "Healing Space muu" and "AsiaS" directly guides you to be tailored to your plan. This course is planned to open a salon by low cost for those who want to open a salon or be employed for the time being and consider independence in the future sake. After graduation, back-up system is completely prepared by specialists for each case. So, in case you are an inexperience person, if only you are motivated, you would be able to open a salon.

*After you finish this course, since your salon should be authorized as an affiliated salon, you would be able to use the logo and name of Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan. In case you manage HP, your salon should be linked to the official HP of the association automatically, so, you can expect the number of access. Moreover, if you open a salon to clear a certain level, your salon would be authorized as an official salon (not franchise). In this case, you would be able to get a power push. Your salon is continuously introduced as an endorsement salon to work with the internet promotion activities of the association, and you can receive total back up such as sales promotion and employment. You would be able to be a famous person in this industry as a leader of healing business of 21st century style, and an owner of famous salon of Thai Traditional Massage.

・Basic course (Wat Pho Style)- up to 60 hours
Advanced course - up to 96 hours
・Thai style reflexology course - up to 30 hours
・Natural healing lecture- up to 12 hours
・Certifying examination - 3 hours
・Business seminar for opening a salon - 6 hours
・On-the-job training at a direct management salon - up to 48 hours

Course hours/fee

Course hours ---

Attendance time : minimum 120 hours (3 hours per unit x 39)maximun:255 hours
Attendance period: less than 6 month

Course fee ---

670,000 yen (including tax)
*Difference of the fee depends on attending basic course.
・Color print textbooks in Japanese for basic course
・Certificate of basic course published by the association
・Color print Thai style reflexology course textbooks in Japanese
・Reflexology stick
・Certificate of Reflexology course
・Color print Sen massage textbooks in Japanese for advanced course
・Color print textbook of Herbal massage
・Color print textbook of Facial massage and pack
・Manual of opening a salon
・Salon manual
・Include a certificate of Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist published by Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan(require 3 certificate photographs)

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