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The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan
2-23-8 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone: 81-3-5790-8164


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Advanced course(professional training course)

This is a professional training course for people with those who finished basic course (one of the courses), or technology equivalent to it. In case of admission from other school, it is possible to enter after attending a one-day lesson. Sen massage in alignment with ten energy line of the whole body is, that is, a technique of treatment adopted at university hospitals in Thailand. Thai Traditional Massage is one of the four major medicines, which a country promotes in the Kingdom of Thailand. Ministry of medical and sanitary affairs officially recognizes it. Besides it, you can learn special techniques that even Thai therapists would be surprised. Because, it was techniques much-treasured in a certain place until now. (We cannot reveal it for our convenience' sake.) You can also learn medical pressure point as a treatment point of Thai style, and point to massage people in bad physical condition and methods for each symptom. Of course, you can learn medical explanation to use a textbook of anatomic physiology at the lesson sitting on a chair. Dr. Naoyuki Fukui who has been managing Fukui Massage Clinic to treat with acupressure and chiropractic in general for twenty years instructs you practical attention and leads you the upper level.

*hai Traditional Massage Association of Japan publishes a therapist certificate of Nuad Bo'Rarn to those who finished this course. An authorization person can work freely as freelance on the basis of not only the employment support to salon but protection of an association. A therapist registration skill test is exempted from this course graduate. As one of the activities of the association, "register as a therapist" makes you expect to give free information on employment from Thai massage salons of whole country.

Course hours/fee

Course hours
--- Attendance time : minimum 39 hours (3 hours per unit x 12)maximun:99 hours
Attendance period: less than 3 month
Course fee

280,000 yen (including tax)
・Color print Sen massage textbooks in Japanese
・Color print textbooks of anatomic physiology in Japanese
・Color print therapy massage textbooks in Japanese
・Color print Thai medical pressure point textbooks in Japanese
・Include a certificate of Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist published by Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan
(require 3 certificate photographs)

And, Nuad Bo'Rarn therapist authorization evidence of Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan issue is issued after the case studies of twenty people and a report submit Advanced course to the one that it is completed.

Explanation of the course

Sen Sumana(A)

2 Sen Sumana(B)
3 Sen Itaha, Sen Pinkara(A)
4 Sen Itaha, Sen Pinkara(B)
5 Sen Karatari(A)
6 Sen Karatari(B)
7 Sen Sahasaranshii, Sen Tawari(A)
8 Sen Sahasaranshii, Sen Tawari(B)
9 Sen Rausan, Sen Uranga(A)
10 Sen Rausan, Sen Uranga(B)
11 Confirmation test

Therapy massage technique(headache)

13 Therapy massage technique(back pains, lumbago)
14 Lesson sitting on a chair(anatomic physiology, bone and muscle etc.)

Basic Course(Wat Pho style)
Basic course(Nerve Touch style)
Basic course(ITM style)
Basic master course
Thai reflexology course(Wat Pho)
Thai reflexology course(ITM)
Advanced course
Study in Thailand course
Total course of to open a salon
Total course to be an instructor
Total course to open an official salon & school
One-day lesson

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