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The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan
2-23-8 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone: 81-3-5790-8164


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Basic course to be an instructor

It is a course for acquiring the instruction member qualification for an independent commencement-of-business course graduate, or practice and advance course graduates. If recognized as a beginners' class instruction member qualification person from an association, employment becomes possible in a Japanese NUABO lance period of treatment as an instruction member of a basic class. It does not come out so much and comes to be able to perform instruction of a basic course. Since a beginners' class instruction member can work as an instruction member of the basic course which the association accepted, it can publish a completion certificate. It not only can work as a pro's therapist in a salon, but it could be called very significant qualification that a therapist is raisable as an instruction member even if it considers possibilities.

Course hours/fee

Course hours ---

45 hours (3 hours per unit x 15)
*To participate lessons for the purpose of review is unrestricted. Please participate until you can master the technology to which you can be convinced within 1 year.

Course fee - - -

150,000 yen (including tax)
・Include a certificate of Nuad Bo'Rarn basic instructor(require 2certificate photographs)

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