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The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan
2-23-8 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone: 81-3-5790-8164


Course Menu

Basic course (ITM style)

Inexperienced persons can fully master from a general flow and technique. Representation of Chiang-Mai style is ITM (Institute of Thai Massage). Although the touch of Chiang-Mai style is called soft, the delicacy even adhering to a fine part makes it do so. At first, it starts soft as if it was stroking, and it results in acrobatic stretching so slowly. The motion which took in the motion of Yoga and Taikyokuken is technique suitable for just calling it art. Mr. Chongkol specialized in ITM is a very famous teacher whose name is known by the West. He also acts as an advisor of Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan.

*After finishing this course, to those who wish the completion certificate of ITM school of Chiang-Mai can be published. Since a charge starts separately, please ask for details.

Course hours/fee

Course Hours --- 39 hours (3 hours per unit x 10)
Open --- casual
Course fee ---

210,000 yen (including tax)
・Color print textbooks in Japanese
・Include a completion certificate published by Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan
(require 2 certificate photographs)

Explanation of the course
1 Massage by backward position(1) sole and leg
 Press point of sole and energy line by thumb.
2 Massage by backward position(2) stretch of leg
 Stretch overall of leg.
3 Massage by backward position(3) stretch
 Stretch mainly lower half of the body.
4 Massage by backward position(4) abdomen and arm
 Press by thumb and palmar manus.
5 Massage by backward position(5) arm and hand
 Press energy line by thumb, and stretch overall of arm.
6 Review I
7 Massage by sidewise position(1) leg and back
 Press and stretch energy line.
8 Massage by sidewise position(2) stretch of arm
 Stretch arm and upper half of the body.
9 Massage by facedown position(1) leg
 Stimulate by sole and elbow besides thumb.
10 Massage by facedown position(2) stretch
 Stretch overall of body.
11 Massage by sitting position(1) stretch of shoulder, head and upper half of the body
 Stimulate energy line and stretch to adopt Yoga's pose.
12 Review II
13 Review III

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