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The Nuad Bo'Rarn School Japan
2-23-8 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone: 81-3-5790-8164


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Salon running plan

As for mastering technology and making it hit as business, a meaning is completely different. A visitor's needs are caught proper, and just by collecting software (service, system, etc.) by one concept, salons are that it is [ by which satisfaction is carried out in a visitor ] hard (interior etc.), and the thing to hit.

For receiving authorization of an association group salon technology and not only service but fullness of a hard side. It becomes the contents of a salon management plan that it will make from the beginning to them if a certain fixed standard is cleared and it will be it although authorization can be received from an association. a useless thing all excluding owner's plan.

It is an option plan for the salon management which unites and is completed by the order maid It carries out here only for a pro certificate holder. It does not correspond to the direction of only basic technology. Studying business know-how in detail, after graduating from an independent commencement-of-business synthesis course hits this plan. With the promotion using the Internet, it never remains in having a homepage. It leads to not only the mechanism in which access is made to raise but the method of the employment dividing light and darkness. By this plan, the Internet promotion is known as real experience by completing together with a special person in charge according to an actual commencement-of-business plan. That is, operation becomes possible by itself. The big strategy which made full use of how to stretch a mail magazine and a link, how to make a link collection, and an access analysis program etc. can call it the Internet promotion. Moreover, the interior of a salon and the view that the contents and the image of a homepage are actual, and the system need to be interlocking. As a company, unification of CI (corporate identity) needs to be indispensable and its methodology which carries out the promotion of these simultaneously also needs to be strategic. All the elements that affect five admiration, such as an image of LOGO, a design of a pamphlet, a uniform, interior, and music, serve as further much more big power by being unified. Very safe, since after commencement of business has the management support using the Internet. The posture which follows up the spot actual from a fair way to the advice on the method of a tie-up and personnel management is equipped fully.


内容 - - -

■ Commencement-of-business consulting Management consulting after 150,000 yen
market research (location, clientele, unit price) salon concept planning / opening

■ salon opening preparation kit 150,000yen
a sales management tool schedule management tool, and a set of commencement-of-business fixtures

■ comprehensive plan promotion 1,200,000 yen and salon interior design
original LOGO creation and a salon card design pamphlet design
original uniform design, a job offer collection notice, and mail magazine open notice
opening preparation aid support and association linkage promotion (a banner, association LOGO, association news, tie link collection)

■ The Internet synthesis promotion Homepage manufacture contract, the 500,000 yen and updating creation operation method instruction, and personal computer setup Measure against
banner manufacture / access rise - web direction

■ Salon design 350,000 yen
design, and construction management

■ Salon interior-finishing contract 250,000 yen /3.3
interior-finishing contract

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