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Technical TERMS

Ayurveda is Indian traditional study, its name is a compound word of "aayus" (vital spirit, life) and " veda" (knowledge) of Sanskrit.It includes not only the contemporary medicine but also knowledge of the life, life sciences, and general idea of the philosophy.There is the history of approximately 5,000 years and is said to have affected the Tibet medicine and the ancient Greece, the medicine of Persia.
It is the traditional oil massage of Ayurveda. Ayurveda means "the smooth hand with full of love". Compared with the European aromas, to speak well, Abhyanga is "dynamic", to speak bad, it is "rough". We massage a whole body while stimulating the key point that we are warm and is called "marma" by powerful technique calmly. Indian classic says that massage prevents aging, and gives 100-year-old longevity. Technique to promote discharge of internal toxin and fat, anxiety and fatigue by putting oil in a body well.
Aromatherapy is a technique to increase psychosomatic health and beauty or an act using a perfume component (an oil refining) coming from the plant including a flower and the tree. Including incense and a fragrance candle, it is called aromatherapy by a wide sense we adopt natural fragrance in life and relieve stress, and to relax mind and body.
■Amma massage

Amma is a procedure therapy to make react the constancy maintenance function that the living body has and health increased by pushing, patting, and massaging. Am means "suppressing", and ma means "patting" We call the person who assumes a massage of amma massage an occupation from the Edo era "amma" or "amma-san", but, among the visually impaired, there is take this as the derogatory term for the blind person, turning, and it is for the term that you had better not use too much.

■Informed consent
It is consent which agrees in (informed), a policy after you may support the contents of treatment and the clinical trials / trial and receive explanation, and the subjects (the patients and subjects) such as a medical act (a medication / surgery / testing) or the trial understood it. As content of the explanation, that we are given a name / contents / the correct information that we included until not only the expected results but also alternative treatment, a side effect and the success rate, costs, a prognosis of the act to be candidates is expected. We abbreviate it with "an IC" in the text as follows. What can lack in none of "the agreement" that we did subject to "explanation / understanding" and it as a general idea of the ICs is important. Also, "agreement consent" here is a meaning called both concords / consensus and does not necessarily mean that the patients accept suggested treatment strategy. The manner making a manner and a healthcare worker doing only a signature half persuade you without it is said that the patients "all entrust you", and being going to understand it enough and agree to a policy is a case of an insufficient IC. On the other hand, it may be said that this is enough ICs when "rejection" does treatment strategy by the cause of the explanation that patients are enough, and the healthcare worker side accepts it. We change medical care based on the authority patternalism of the conventional physician / dentist, and the IC is based on an idea to respect option / the free will of the patients to the maximum.Person who explain gives enough explanations about not only the advantage of the medical act but also prospective complications and the substitute method, and it is necessary to obtain its consent. Also, what we can withdraw anytime is subject to this agreement and is important.It will be undergone treatment or an experiment by free will for the first time by doing it this way.
■Yin-Yang and five elements combination theory

Yin-Yang and five elements combination theory is the thought that Yin and Yang thought and the five natural elements thought that developed in Ages of Chunqiu and Contending States in China are tied, and was born to you. We also say it as theory of Yin-Yang and the five elements The explanation of a more complicated event came to be made by a combination of Yin and Yang thought and five lines of thought.. Yin-Yang and five elements combination and five lines theory is the combination of Yin-Yang and five elements theory and five elements theory. We are present in "a shade" and the form (e.g., the light and shade, nature, men and women, the right and wrong, good and bad luck) to disagree with of "the positive" not emperor "fugi" appearing in the ancient Chinese myth created "the Yin and Yang thought", and independent, only its being present in all events, and each is thought to repeat the ups and downs. On the other hand, founder "u" of the Ka dynasty suggested "five lines of thought" and does it when all things consist by five elements called "the tree fire soil water". It is related to five planets and subsequently various events later by Su-en of Sei dynasty and Yin and Yang thought and a five natural elements theory are integrated and are completed as ideological Yin and Yang five natural elements thought.

■Yin-Yang theory

A category it is started from ancient Chinese thought, and to classify all things in nature, every thing of the space as the Yin and Yang to two of the negative and positive from various points of view. It is two mind with an attribute to be opposed to the negative and positive each other, and it is said to the change such as the generation extinction of all things that it occurs by these two mind. We said thought and theory based on these Yin and Yang with a Yin and Yang thought / Yin and Yang theory / Yin Yang principle and constituted Yin, Yang and five elements combination theory with five natural elements thought. The beginning of the space of the chaos thought that was in a state, and the bright clear mind that rose for light from this chaos namely positive mind increased, and it was with the sky, and was heavy, and the dark mind that had muddy namely negative mind dropped, and it was with the ground. We recognize the event of all things from a work of these two mind, and it is Yin and Yang thought to say to predict it until the future. We classify "a shade", active nature in "a positive" with passive nature. Specifically, wimpy water, winter, night, plant, woman "is a shade" shadow, and an animal, a man "is a positive" light / light rigid at noon in a fire, summer. These cannot be present in another without one while disagreeing. We make ups and downs ups and downs, and, as for the all things in nature, every thing of the space, natural order is preserved by two mind of the contradicting negative and positive only after two mind of the negative and positive harmonizes. It is to say that Yin and Yang dualism is different from the Manicheism to be important. The positive is not good, and the shade is not evil. It is only an element constituting this world to the last, and both elements are equivalent equally. We were at one with five lines of thought, and it came to be treated in last years of age of civil strife and became the Yin, Yang and five elements combination theory.


Osteopathy was founded in 1874 by physician Andrew Taylor of the State of Missouri of America. We are called three major curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. technique in America with chiropractic, spondyloarthropathy in our country. However, pondyloarthropathy is the technique that was already lost, and the details are not clear. Also, the osteopathy is not a term referring to a therapy, and, for example, it is one system of the medical care philosophy called the osteopathy medicine so that there is acupuncture therapy in oriental medicine. Therefore, the osteopathy "therapy" is not right in this sense. The osteopathy assumes two of Osteon (a bone) and Pathos (pathology, treatment) of the Greek the etymology and has been called osteopathy in Japan, but, unlike a procedure to adjust a bone chisel to, adds treatment to circulatory systems such as the locomotor systems such as frames, an artery / a vein or the lymph, the cause of an anatomical or physiologic extensive medical knowledge including the cranial nerve system including the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid with a hand. We just call it osteopathy now. However, we do that we encourage 3, nature healing power to think that 2, the physical function and structure which the osteopathy is just one philosophy, and think about 1, the whole body as one unit not a simple therapy are one thing with the principal objective and have a unique medicine system.


Aura is an atmosphere, the pneuma which an object (a human in particular) releases. It comes from Greek "aura" to mean "breath", and it is the expression that is moderately literary for English. In the occult and the New Age, as for the aura, the bioenergy that is supernatural energy to control life activity and mental activity is released by health, and it is said that we surrounded the body, but there are not the scientific grounds. We often identify it with mind of China, Indian plana. Also, we may consider an aureole drawn on the religious paintings to be an aura. We are said to understand character with the color of the aura. For example, "passionate, as for "the red", an idealist is short-tempered with stubbornness", and "popular, as for the scatter-brain", "the yellow", "jocularity is bright" "orange" は; "the money" that "is deep affection" as for "the ataraxia, the realism", "the purple" as for "the unselfish pacifist", "the blue" as for "the green" "the noblest color, wisdom, leader temperament", "silver" "ancient custom, the soil." When we speak a scientific term, it is said that the aura is feeble electric energy, an electromagnetic field, energy of the light.


One of the color therapy. In 1983, it was founded by Miss British Vicky Wall, and it came to be commonly used in Japan from about 1995. Aura means light, soma means body. Two levels of top and bottom includes the liquid entering bottle which parted and can know the state of own by choosing four from that. We watch the situation from a color and the turn that we chose. It is the fourth ... future as of the first the second ... essence ... gift and the third talent ... As of October, 2007, the number of bottles is 106 of them in total.

The therapy that was founded with the chiropractic in 1895 by U.S.A., D.D. (Daniel David) / Palmer of State of Iowa Davenport. It is said that Japan was able to stream down Saburo Kawaguchi of the Palmer school of chiropractic graduation that Palmer established in 1916. For neologism that combined Prakticos "technique" with Chiro "hand" of the Greek, it "is not chiropractic spinal manipulation". he chiropractic is philosophy / science / the art based on the natural law, and it is done a supraspinal segment to be a (disease) cause out of condition with a system doing adjust only by bare hands. Founder D.D .Palmer establishes a definition of the chiropractic in this way. When we add explanation and comment on it by different expression, we can drag vertebras such as the backbone, and a nervous system is pressed and confirms a position and time of subluxation (the state that one vertebra is displaced in relations of the top and bottom from a normal position and develops nerve compression, and interferes with the mental impulse (life force from a brain, transmission of nervous energy)) by the body surface temperature measuring instrument which it is called insturmentation (the instrument measurement) represented based on a theory to cause various diseases and symptoms by naboscope by to be inhibited neurologic function and investigates a stage of direction and degree and the subluxationn degeneration thoroughly with roentgenogram and we fix the vertebral sequence only by the correction (adjustment) by bare hands and, based on the results, removes interference of the neurologic function with depth and the power that the direction where the time when a vertebra requiring it requires it requires it requires it, and it may be thereby said that it is the medical care system which is going to recover a physical function by doing nature healing power (we call it innate intelligence by the chiropractic) that a human originally has in a state to be able to work 100%. A diagnosis, treatment prevent effect on health whole in its turn, and the function of the musculoskeletal system such as a muscle and the bone and structural disorder and the neurologic dysfunction that they give are as possible the health care that is going to make nature healing power regained without using a drug and surgery. In addition, male Theo pass (DO) and physician (MD) is classified in medicine (Western medicine) together, but the chiropractors (DC) are classified in supplement alternative medicine, and is not medicine (Western medicine). WFC (association of world chiropractic) consisting of the groups like 80 countries of the world joins WHO as an NGO, and it is legislated in world approximately 30 countries (with U.S.A., Canada, Australia, U.K., New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Africa). The Japanese representative group of WFC is association of Japanese chiropractors (JAC). It is legislated in Chonju in birthplace U.S.A., and it is authorized as a medical qualification of the names of Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C) and Licensed Chiropractic Physician.In some American and European countries (U.K., Switzerland, Denmark, Norway), there is the country legislating the qualification called the chiropractic expert.Anyone can give a chiropractor without being legislated as quasi-medical practice in Japan. Therefore, in the side undergoing a massage, as for the exacerbation of the symptom, the possibility that the risk such as an expensive coupon and health food, the high-pressure door-to-door salesman of the health appliance is accompanied with from the start requires attention.
■Traditional Chinese medicine

A method or the medical outline we conduct the prescription by the crude drug by traditional diagnostic procedure with the Sino-Japanese traditional medicine, and to treat illness. We thereby name the prescription by a prescribed crude drug Chinese medicine. Also, acupuncture and moxibustion and massage, diet cure are included in Chinese medicine as well as treatment with Chinese medicine. In China, we do not call ourselves Chinese medicine and often call ourselves hot water liquid.In Japan, we often call ourselves Chinese medicine, but this points to the used medicine for a Dutch medical and pharmaceutical method referring to European medicine in the Edo era. After the Meiji era, we were called Kohou, Japanese and Chiese medicine, Japanese medicine, and the oriental medicine. In addition, a term Sino-Japanese traditional medicine is the term which use began as early in the Showa era. The term Japanese Chinese medicine is used from anaphase of the Showa era. Two sacred books called "shokanron"and "kinkiyouryaku" are included in "the intense fever sloppy illness theory".

The qigong is the hygiene that reorganized Chinese traditional various regimens edited in the People's Republic of China based on chinese medicine. In 1957 Liu your; wrote funny が "system of deep breathing exercise practice", and a reputation called the qigong was firmly established generally. Psychosomatic relaxed has the basics of the qigong. When "housho", the stable state of the heart are called "nyusei" in the relaxed of the body, and a state performs qigong in Chinese (result to carry on its back) "syosei" which put both together; become basic. In the state that mind and body is stable, and becomes loose, it is a characteristic of the qigong using movement, breathing, an image that control generally psychosomatic self. Also, we strengthen a muscle by the sports, but it is said that the qigong strengthens the internal organs. The source of the qigong lasts for many divergences including the ascetic practices method of religion such as a private regimen including five lines of Yin and Yang thought, ancient medicine and shamanism, Chinese martial arts, introduction and massage, Buddhism / the Taoism.From such a various way of ascetic practices, the effect that it was possible for by oneself chose a high thing as even a sickly person, and it has been devised so that result went up it by the repetition of it being easy. Okada-type original asana, the soul motion method came from Japan and affected the Chinese qigong. Also, the yoga of India was said, for example, to be yoga qigong. We were tied to meridian theories of the chinese medicine in the People's Republic of China, and it was performed as hygiene widely in parks similar to kankataikyokuken. Also, we may add qigong department in a hospital or a sanatorium in China because we achieved a constant medical effect. An accepted tendency was born to you, and, for an achievement with such a medical health aspect, speaking of qigong, new religion qigong appeared in the thing of a religious color in sequence in China where propagation activity was prohibited in the after 1980s. As a result, the Chinese government oppressed critical Falun Gong in the Communist Party and led to Falun Gong case of 1999. The regulation of doing qigong in a group became severe, and, after Falun Gong case, Kuo Hayashishin qigong did not watch what did qigong in a park except some official recognition groups in current China. We edit qigong of the government official recognition called 健身気功 now in China.
■Acupuncture point

acupuncture point is a way of the energy of "mind and the blood" of aeremia go in and out, and meridian joins it, and is a branch meridian-shaped important place doing. In general, we are arrested as minute camerostome when an experienced acupuncturist palpates you we are called a key point, and to be called "the point". It is an important site doing a diagnosis and a massage by acupuncture and moxibustion, but there is the effective spot for applying moxa where a massage to be called a taboo acupuncture hole / a taboo site of moxibustion point is prohibited. Hitsu Koho "pass through the acupuncture and moxibustion former and the latter", and is located on では meridian. It was written by "acupuncture and moxibustion completion" of yokeishu theoretically. Oshitsuchu "acupuncture and moxibustion Shisei passed", and the site of the key point and the treating chiefly, acupuncture and moxibustion method and jiketsu and a therapy were described. There are an original hole and a strangeness hole in the effective spot for applying moxa, and the original hole belongs to 14 meridian (we pass through a Ninmyaku vein, Governor Vessel and 12 plus), and, according to "jushikeihatsuki" of katuju, 354 points are present in a whole body. We made it belong so that 14 plus passed through 7 losses among strangeness holes in WHO in 1989 and assumed it 361 points. There is the strangeness hole more than 250 points, too. Most of the place of the effective spot for applying moxa are present in a part equal to the nervous upper part on a tendon bottom, labium ossis, epiphyses, a burr hole, the arterial top and vein in a joint, a line ditch, a tendon and confirm an effective spot for applying moxa site with a tip of a finger when they actually did jiketsu. There is tenderness by what we investigate in a tip of a finger because various clinical condition changes occur in the part in the case of disease, and a specific sound may appear. An internal organs skin body surface reflection means this. On the contrary, we say a phenomenon to appear when we were treated by stimulating it using acupuncture and It is to find a right key point to be the most important by the therapy of the key point. Jiketsu means this, and it is to take the effective key point for the patients surely. For a general person, it is hard to find the position of a right key point, but at first we are good and, for a rough aim, observe a state of the skin. The part of the key point does not have moisture and we have a pain in it and sometimes feel it on full nudity when we swell up and can touch it. When we pat the neighborhood with a finger and pick it up, we feel a pain and have mild discomfort. Also, we thrust it, and some place is a key point a response. For example, there is a crunchy hard spot, and the place that is nervous when felt is so. It is easy to understand that the principle of the key point therapy thinks about a key point and the relations with the internal organs. The key point is the place where the disease of the internal organs came out to as a response to surface of the skin sensitively. In other words the pressure to the internal organs becomes possible if we stimulate this key point. A key point theory means the thing which studied the surface of the body and relations with the internal clinical condition from many examples in this way. It is conveyed by spinal cord and a nucleus when we stimulate a key point, and the nucleus which received it conveys stimulation more to a peripheral nerve of there that is a finger-tip. On the contrary, we will stimulate each point through aeremia meridian if we say by moving a finger-tip and normalize systemic blood circulation.In other words circulation of the blood improves, and the turn of the head is promoted, and blood will be careful to the every corner of the body. Therefore, we can preserve youth because stress is broken off spontaneously and does the internal organs soundly and prevents stable currency.


We expressed it, and it was devised the pulse that was around-involved of the meridian in a radial vein as for passing of the meridian in medicine of ancient China as a way of aeremia eiko (the metabolic pool which says by a necessary thing, the present age to live such as mind or the blood) in the human body. The radial vein has 12 plus trans, thing called eight extra meridians. Original, passing is classified in Yin and Yang, and, as for the shade, the positive is divided into sun, Sanyo of positive light shoyo to moon, syoin, three shades of ketsuin, and the radial vein which three Sanyo shades belong to is assigned to hand, foot each, and it is for 12 pulses in total. And passing belongs to the entrails a shade, and passing belongs to bowels a positive. Ninmyaku vein, tokumyaku do not have an effective spot for applying moxa in extra meridians and it ranges to pass through two or three of the whole plus transの and runs. Only Ninmyaku vein, tokumyaku have an original effective spot for applying moxa. A radial vein has the thing called transdistinction. where is around a pulse 15-involved in rakumyaku and the-involved pulse of others, the grandchild who we can find more in that, and shrank. In addition, there is the thing called the ching muscle which does not wear a heart. We put all mentioned above together and say meridian.

■Improvement response
An improvement response is an unanticipated intense body response to be caused by a process of the treatment. Because it is used as a term to often gloss over a side effect, maladjustment, attention is necessary. We rub it back in oriental medicine particularly bean amma, and explanation is often done beforehand because it is it call it with meigen, and to occur frequently in a treatment process by acupuncture and moxibustion. In addition, the improvement response may occur in reflexology, the low frequency therapy equipment stimulating a body physically similarly. The muscle which got tired chronically comes loose, and a factor is thought about, and it often feels tiredness and sleepiness, a hot flash that waste material flows in blood. When insomnia was cured when sleepiness occurs, we may misunderstand it. Also, a color thickens because waste material is egested as urine. In addition, there is the case which a symptom to become the chief complaint aggravates temporarily. Meigen is regarded as the term that a Chinese medicine term meigen (with the noodles sinew mengen) of the oriental medicine became the cause. The term this meigen is found in "the Book of History" of the Chinese classic "Nine Chinese Classics". After there is much that meigen occurs, and it is one of 1,000 degree, and a symptom appeared when we obey a close definition of the Chinese medicine, we fit in 1-2 days even if we have a long it. There is the way of thinking of the Chinese medicine not to be repaired without meigen. Medicine always comes together with the thing called the side effect, and it may be used in a meaning including this. Even the sales talk to gloss over the side effect of cosmetics and health food is used now. Though it is a side effect and adverse reaction, we may delay time of the treatment in vain, and these examples may be actually brought into question. We can regard so-called improvement response as the motion of the defense mechanism which a human comprises spontaneously if we look from a constructive viewpoint. For example, the person who is easy to feel sick may feel sick with the case which does not eat food. If there is back ground beforehand, it is possible enough by an improvement response by a quantitative adjustment evasion or to reduce. It is non-the constructive improvement response like the side effect. A symptom to appear has an individual difference, and there is little repeatability.
■Five lines theory

Five lines theory is thought of the natural philosophy to be started from ancient China, and all things are opinions that it is from five kinds of elements of a tree ,fire, soil, gold and the water. Also, five kinds of elements affect it each other, and nature all things change by the appearance and disappearance ups and downs, and a thought to circulate is present in the root. It is thought compared with the Western four major elements theory (a 4 yuan bare opinion). Five lines of thought a Yin Yang philosopher of the age of civil strife Suen. It is said that -240 about 305 age that we may transcribe into Suen theorized it. It is said that what assumed an element five according to another view is because five planets were observed in those days in China. We were at one with Yin and Yang thought, and it came to be treated at the time at the end of Ages of Chunqiu and Contending States and became the Yin, Yang and five elements combination theory. Tachiki that tree (a tree line) blossoms and a leaf cover over a trunk becomes the cause, and the growth of the tree expresses a state to grow. Symbol of "the spring." Fire (a fire line) light flame becomes the cause and expresses scorching nature such as the fire. Symbol of "the summer." The state that the bud of the Kando (a soil line) plant of the flame germinates from the underground becomes the cause and expresses nature we bring up all things, and to protect. The symbol of "the seasonal turning point." Light mineral / metal becomes the cause in gold (a line) soil, and cool perceptiveness / staunchness expresses certain nature as metal. The symbol of the season "autumn" of the crop. It is with the cause, and the water which we spring out and go out of the water (a current of water) spring, and flows thinks about this with a spring of the life and expresses nature to have interior of the womb and spirituality. Symbol of "the winter." It was thought that the change of the four seasons occurred due to the change of five lines. Also, five lines are allotted every thing including a direction / the color.

■whole human internal organs

The term that was used when we expressed the whole human internal organs in traditional Chinese medicine with the heart. "The every part of one's body" refers to liver / a heart / spleen / the lung / kidney.We add pericardium and may assume it six entrails. "The six entrails" refers to the liver / small intestine / a stomach / large intestine / a bladder / three digestive organs. We take off three digestive organs without an organ concerned and may assume it five bowels. A general idea unlike the anatomical finding in the contemporary medicine. By the interpretation by the Yin, Yang and five elements combination theory, both the every part of one's body and the six entrails are allotted five lines together, and it is explained each role. It is said that the oldest literature written about a heart "is Huang Ti Internal Classic" assumed the Chinese oldest medical book.

By the massage in Thailand, it is the material which it cannot miss. It has been used to cure a disease in the Thai medicine. We are big, and it is classified in a plant (a flower, a leaf, a trunk, a root, a seed), an animal (skin, a bone, tusk), a mineral, crystal (iron, a stone, salt) which assumed a Thai herb the beginning, but the plastic glass which made several kinds of herbs a ball by the Thailand massage primarily is used. We assume Pali the origin and, according to the Buddhism celebration written in Sanskrit, assume Ayurveda an origin, and there is it when the use from (2,500 years ago) to massage and treatment of the nature medicine and many decrudescences was performed in the times of the Korean lawn grass basket mullah bat Great Teacher who is the founder of the Thailand massage to descend. We supplement an ingredient by cinnamon absorption from skin by an effect and steam and extract untying a line and a muscle by the direction for uses of the plastic glass which we push it and push it and rub we push it and turn it, and to tap.
■Finger pressure
We press the tetradactyl shiatzu point that and is called an established key point by a whole body only with a palm mainly on a self-explanatory big finger and, for the purpose of prevention of disease and treatment, trigger it for biological function by the baroreflex, and the shiatzu is a Japanese unique procedure therapy to promote a work of the nature healing power that the originally human body is provided with. The origin of the shiatzu begins for care. In Japan, various care namely procedure therapy has been run since history on record. Chiropractic, osteopathy, spondyloarthropathy which we become after the Meiji era, and are called American three major procedures flow in sequence and add it to various procedures to reach Japan from ancient times, and a great variety of procedures 300 kinds or more at one time were mixed as treatment as a result that it was fused, but it is said to vital method that it is about time when it (1920), and a model of the current chiropractic treatment and the shiatzu that it is were already established in 1920 by Tokujiro Namikoshi massage and amma where China tradition medicine was transmitted. After defeat of the Pacific War, most treatment was prohibited by the guidance of the alliance nation's armed forces Commander in chief general headquarters, but "bean amma formed in August, and bean amma of the teacher, teacher who we came, and said and Rev. reposition by Judo method" was changed (1955) with bean amma (including massage, the shiatzu) 1955, and shiatzu was found for the first time legally. However, as for "the shiatzu, a chiropractor group of Japan shiatzu association, Tokyo chiropractor society was changed under the slogan of non-ず for massage" at last (1964) in June in start, 1964 by "bean amma massage chiropractor, a law and a standing side by side name it formed, and to relate to a teacher, Rev. moxibustion, Rev. reposition by Judo" because the name of the law was not found as an independent manual skill to the last (because the Rev. reposition by Judo method became the independent law in) in (1970 in 1970, it is with bean amma massage chiropractor, a law they form, and to relate to a teacher, Rev. moxibustion). It is Tokujiro Namikoshi who established the shiatzu academy which is the forerunner of the current Japan shiatzu technical school Namikoshi school in 1940 that the some divergent views organize current chiropractic treatment about the generation when name itself shiatzu was used for the first time although there is it, and established. Tokujiro Namikoshi understood a press by a big finger and the palm-centered procedure from one heart that wanted to save mother who suffered from multiple articular rheumatism at the age of only 7 years old originally, and a pressure therapy named chiropractic treatment subsequently first. Japan made shiatzu (SHIATSU) widely available from the start subsequently in the whole world by having treated the domestic and foreign celebrities including the Keenan public prosecutor of the Tokyo trial that judged the successive Prime Ministers, the Class-A war criminal whom we worked as including Marilyn Monroe and Muhammad Ali, Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida. Also, including Tadashi Izawa who the Japanese shiatzu technical school which he established could gain the favor of shiatzu by a meridian theory of the transmission in China for the first time, and established meridian shiatzu abroad Zen shiatzu (produce many graduates who extrapolate Masunaga-type Shizuto Masunaga who is called Zen Shiatsu), and spreads led by Europe and America, Ryokyu Endo of Tao shiatzu (Tao Shiatsu) which can gain the favor by a prayer to Buddha, and plans mental concentration, a key point of the shiatzu to the meridian effective spot for applying moxa, and outside, play an active part among countries including Kiyoshi Ikenaga of anatomy key point shiatzu (TSUBO SHIATSU) Tsubo Shiatsu which elucidated physiologically.) Even an English name is just translated with SHIATSU, and the shiatzu is spreading as a Japanese unique procedure therapy now in the world.
■Spontaneous cure
Expression it is wide, and to point to a power / the function to cure an injury and the disease that the whole mind and body such as a human / the animal has with spontaneous cure by nature in a mass. We take surgery, and it is a function to be cured even if a man-made drug is not given. We are called "the self-healing power". In the function that they are called "spontaneous healing power" for a long time, and is got close to, "a self regenerative function" and "a self-defense function" are found. When a body suffered wounds (if it is few scales), "a self-regenerative function" is a function to cure a wound. "A self-defense function" is a virus / a bacteria invading from the organic outside and a function to fight. In other words it "is immunity". Two functions cooperate and may function. For example, for the healing when we suffered a pickpocket wound, the living body is to make "a self-defense function" and "a self regenerative function" work at the same time because they regenerate pipe skin the fight with invading bacteria.
■Utonomic nervous system

Autonomic nervous system is nervous system taking a vegetative function among peripheral nervous systems, and it is compared an animal function with a somatic nerve system to take. It is from two system called the afferent mechanism that the autonomic nervous system conveys a centrifugal mechanism and the information from the internal organs to regulate the function of internal organs many organs to central nervous system. We are comprised of a sympathetic system and two nervous system of the parasympathetic system. In contraposition to a voluntary nervous system (a somatic nerve system), the involuntary "autonomic nervous system" controls an involuntary function such as a digestion, breathing, sweating and the metabolism. The autonomic nervous system contributes to homeostatic maintenance by adjusting various kinds of physiological parameters in collaboration with the endocrine system which is the regulatory mechanism with the hormone. There are these functions outside the control of own generally, but it is thought that we are recognizable and we have an influence on the state of mind. From sympathetic nerve and two parasympathetic nervous system, we work for one organ antagonistically generally (reciprocity rule). The function of the sympathetic system becomes important in fight or flight and the situation with much stress such as physical activity or the fear named generally. We raise blood pressure, a heart rate by the sthenia of the sympathetic system and reduce an alimentary canal, blood volume to skin, and the blood supplies to a skeletal muscle increase. Also, we produce energy requiring it by a glycogenolysis with an improvement and the liver and lipolysis with the adipose tissue in sight and oxygenation to blood by making a pupil and bronchiole spread. As a result, supply becomes poor to skin and an alimentary canal while abundant oxygen and glucose are supplied in the tissue mainly on the skeletal muscle. There are a digestive tract function (enterokinesis, a digestive juice secretion) becoming important, the sthenia of the urination function in resting primarily in the control bottom of the parasympathetic system while cardiac activity sthenia, expansion of the bronchus, the hepatic glycogen resolution, lipolysis are under the control of the sympathetic system. We decrease a heart rate and lower blood pressure and return the blood to skin and the stomach and intestines and make a pupil and bronchiole shrink and stimulate salivary gland secretion and accelerate helminth. The parasympathetic system has an influence to an organ toward recovery and saving energy. It is connected to some tabular nerve plexuses of the intestinal wall, and it may be regulated by sympathy and parasympathetic nerve fiber. However, the bowel nervous system can operate by itself after it was cut off by input from sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve. This is the affinity that bowel nervous system is sometimes called "the second brain".

Sirodara is called "the massage of the brain", and it is the treatment which continues dripping the oil which we warmed on the middle of the forehead. At first we hang down oil in calvarial central marma (a key point called a head in the chinese medicine). And we move while continuing hanging down oil towards the hairline → middle of the forehead slowly. There is the experience that consciousness fades away with the comfort that nobody knows the touch that warm oil falls. Also, the massage method we give you deep relaxed so as there are many people feeling 30 minutes for only five minutes, and to be without a sense of the time, and to soften the tension of the heart.
With the acupuncture and moxibustion, we say a therapy of the tradition Chinese medicine which cures a disease by giving skin or meridian stimulation using acupuncture and moxa cautery to the physical specific site. It is necessary we "are made, and to acquire a national qualification of a teacher" and "the Rev. moxibustion" in an acupuncture and moxibustion training institution when acupuncture and moxibustion is provided as the work in Japan. In addition, acupuncture is not necessarily a thing to prick the inside of human body with, and the thing which only rubs against skin and the thing which we only push are present. It is said that the acupuncture and moxibustion came with the transmission of an envoy to the Sui Dynasty and the envoy to the Tang Dynasty in Japan. The acupuncture and moxibustion is adopted in a legal codes system with transmission of the acupuncture and moxibustion and a needle doctor is appointed and begins to seep as part of Japanese medical care. The text of the acupuncture and moxibustion is described in "medical experience" of Yasuyori Tanbano, but it is only a surgical thing about the direction for uses of the acupuncture and we are big with the acupuncture method of former light medicine like the present age and vary. About the moxa cautery method, it is a special effect hole-like choice hole not the direction for uses of the key point (an effective spot for applying moxa) being aware of a radial vein (meridian) like the present, or it is the direction for uses that is surgical as well as acupuncture. These are effect such as "a great deal of money" or "outside level secret pivot", and we say Sui, Tang charges medicine itself, and it is not exaggeration.We could not but wait for transmission of the Akiyo medicine so that a key point and a radial vein led to the direction for uses like the present. The Edo era began from the Muromachi era, and the Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion developed greatly.There are many interpretation books of the Chinese literature, and gokinyumibunsai of "the collection of acupuncture way secrets", Isai Misono of the son who invented acupuncture art, "sumongenkai", "difficulty text of a sutra justice proverb solution", "jushikeihatsukiwagosho" produced many people in this time including Ippo Okamoto who published it, but the achievement of Waichi Sugiyama is particularly big. The needling method with guide tube that Kazuichi Sugiyama devised becomes the technique of the Japanese mainstream. Also, Kazuichi who was a blind person established acupuncture school for acupuncture and moxibustion technique acquirement of the blind person. When it was the Meiji era, with an inflow of the modern Western culture, the Meiji government pushed forward rejection of the Sino-Japanese traditional medicine with induction of the Western medicine. The acupuncture and moxibustion was not left out of the case, too, and the acupuncture and moxibustion followed decline from the Meiji era through the Taisho era. We ran early in the Showa era from the Meiji era, and a medical study of the acupuncture and moxibustion came to invite maturity, and the acupuncture and moxibustion stimulation proposed that effect amounted to a heart through sympathetic nerve, and Okubo Tekisai performed a study about acupuncture in Kinnosuke Miura, and Michio Goto provided treatment using the Head lines. Yoshio Nagahama and Masao Maruyama thought that sounds of the acupuncture got together. As for the Ishikawa sword male, as for Yoshio Nakatani, as for Naosuke Onodera, in Narita Kaisuke, Rokuro Fujita proposed papules point in an electro dermal point in sasshin point at a pressation point in ryodo point . Also, Katsusuke Serizawa acquired doctor of medicine as an acupuncturist for the first time. Continuation of the acupuncture and moxibustion was anxious about by World War II and control of GHQ since the Showa era begins, but "the business methods such as bean amma, a needle, moxibustion, reposition by Judo" are promulgated (1947) on December 20 in 1947 by the work of doctor of medicine Hidetsurumaru Ishikawa and acupuncturists of the whole country. Also, revivalism has begun to occur for decline of the acupuncture and moxibustion from early days of the Showa era. Sorei Yanagiya who proposed it when we "returned to a classic" and Sodo Okabe, Eri Inoue, Sho Honma white, Hiromichi Fukushima who gathered for the cause systematized meridian treatment. e wrote Takeshi Sawada who devised Sawada style origin of the universe therapy elsewhere, Shonosuke Yagishita who had the contents of the written by Masatoyo Hongo "acupuncture and moxibustion treasure note" in the Edo era as the nucleus of the therapy, Hideji Fujii of the childhood needle, the Akabane good luck soldier of the Imperial Guard of the subcutaneous needle, "election for prestigious family moxa cautery comment", and we "asked it Isaburo Fukaya who established the Fukaya moxa cautery method, Seiji Irie who wrote "the illustration Fukaya moxa cautery method" in the pupils, Nei which wrote "a moxa cautery treatment general statement", a way of the acupuncture", and it was の author, and Hakko Baba called God of the acupuncture and moxibustion by flowed into the revival of the acupuncture and moxibustion with a power for the cause in a classic. The Meiji acupuncture and moxibustion university which was the first four-year university which studied mainly (1983), acupuncture and moxibustion in 1983 did open studies. The qualification that was a governor license became the national qualification by (1988), the revision of "bean Amma massage chiropractor, the law we were made, and to relate to a teacher, a rapid teacher" in 1988.
■Swedish massage
The swedish massage is Swedish style oil massage. We are known as lymphatic massage, a model of the aromotherapy massage and seep deeply in the settings of therapy and the relaxation in Europe and America. The soft massage method that an easy touch brushes with oil with a characteristic.
■Stone therapy
It is the therapy using the stone. The massage using the stone rooted in people widely from the ancient times. An Indian was told by all ancestors of them, but a jewel was used as medicine in the Europe of the Middle Ages and used the stone for acupuncture and Chinese medicine in China, and even Japan used a hot stone (おんじゃく) in substitution for "healing" and the moxa cautery of the pain. The therapy that the history of the stone therapy / stone massage was old, and has been loved by people of the world. In many salons, we often point to the oil massage using the stone.
■Manipulative treatment

The curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. (we hurried there is it) is kind of the improvement of the symptom and a folk remedy treating by performing the correction of skewness / the gap (subluxation) of the skeletal joint of the whole bodies such as backbone / pelvis / a shoulder blade / limbs and the adjustment of the skeletal muscle in a procedure (using hands and feet). We may be called "curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. technique" "curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. method" "curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. therapy". The origin of the current curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. compiled the thing which added a procedure therapy of Europe and America transmission such as osteopathy or the chiropractic that reached Japan in a procedure therapy and the Taisho era of the tradition Chinese medicine and's original device of then therapeutists to a procedure therapy to be handed down to Japanese martial arts into one book. In addition, thought for the treatment, massage contents are totally different from the reposition by Judo business (bonesetting, bonesetting) others. The person using a private therapy of the curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. is called it by the names such as a Rev. curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. / curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. person / the curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. therapeutist. Because private qualifications are jumbled up close together, and a supplier selling products such as the mat by so-called multilevel distributionship sells the class price and a product in tie-ins, there is a case making a qualification. Therefore, from of the Rev. conscientious curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc., there is the opinion to expect becoming it a national qualification by the legislation, but the possibility is doubted for reasons of increase of the further expenditure of the medical cost of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare by the application of the public medical insurance with making it it, bean amma massage chiropractor and duties may repeat what is not done an agreement of the unification that is organized between each school, a national qualification.

It is the meridian becoming basic of the way of thinking of the Thai traditional massage.. The way of the flow of the mind. We operate by the Thai traditional massage using ten systemic energy lines. We are delicately different from the meridian of the Chinese medicine. Thai ancient rite massage "Nuad Bo Rarn" consists on a way of thinking that the energy line which is called "sen" by the human body flows through. We cannot check this sen in anatomy with an invisible thing. The way of thinking of this energy line is present in Indian medicine (Ayurveda), and it is found to be good that Nuad Bo Rarn receives effect of the yoga to assume India an origin clearly. These energy lines are present in Chinese course, but these resemble closely, but never agree. A power to act surely though we do not see it to eyes. It is the energy that is strange, and it "is mind". It is said that overall oriental medicine has teachings to play of these "mind", and Thailand ancient rite massage Nuad Bo Rarn is right found to be one of the oriental medicine. The human maintains the body and mind while always keeping balances with space energy to surround oneself. We change for life energy (Purana / mind) after entering the human body, and the food absorbed by air and a diet absorbed by breathing is supplied to a whole body through an energy line. In other words the energy line plays a role as the go-between who concludes space energy with oneself. The energy line increases nady of 72,000 ten respiratory tracts to go round in the shape of a mesh of a net other than sen and forms a human body as "the second skin" "the second body". For example, supply of the life energy (Purana) is interfered with, and the state that a human feels sick at is regarded as a short state. Therefore we give the energy line stimulation by massage and do a flow of the life energy (Purana) normally. In Nuad Bo Rarn, we stimulate the systemic sen of ten of them said to that it is particularly important in an energy line and operate. Because we concentrate on the part of six goose's feet (the root of the sole - foot) in that, in normal Nuad Bo Rarn, we start from the massage of the part of the foot. And it may be said that it is one characteristic when it compared it with the other massage that there are many the ratios in the whole. We cannot confirm presence in itself of the energy line of "the sen" in anatomy, but it begins to be proved, and, by a recent study, there is an effect of Nuad Bo Rarn for the body and the internal organs when very effective. By the present age, the presence of "mind / plastic" is found, too. We can confirm the presence by fluctuation. Fluctuation is close vibration of the levels that it does not show to eyes, and all materials of the world have fluctuation of form different in each. The quartz clock clock (a quartz watch) ticks away time precisely, but this principle is used in the modern industry as having used vibration of the crystal.
■Zone therapy
A new general therapy to raise "the spontaneous healing power" that a heart and a body originally possessed. The method that a way of thinking that "the state of physical condition and the heart appears in the zone (each site) of the body" says to we stimulate the zone of the sole, and to promote health. The zone therapy originally revivifies the self-healing ability that a human has and it is healthy and spreads a heart and a body. By the zone therapy, we point to "reflexology" / "Chinese style massage" / "the holistic medicine therapy" becoming the mainstream now.
■Thai traditional massage

It is a kind of massage of Thailand, and the ancient rite massage (hub massage in Thailand, Nuat phaen boran) in Thailand includes stretching and deep massage. It is ancient rite massage to traditional massage, but is known as yoga with massage in Thailand, ancient rite massage, Thai traditional massage, Thai yoga massage, yoga massage, the massage of the Thai classic, Thai curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc., passive yoga or the support now when we translate "Nuat phaen boran" precisely. Because it originated in India and took Ayurveda, the Thai traditional massage included a style such as the yoga necessarily. The feature of the subject is that we are made to do a posture same as much yoga between a course of the massage. It is divided into two schools greatly by the style, but there is much stretch movement in northern part expression-style (called Chiang Mai style commonly) primarily whereas chiropractic treatment is emphasized in the southern part expression-style (called Bangkok style commonly). The origin of this original massage massage law dates back to approximately 2,500 years ago. It is believed that it was introduced into Thailand in Thailand by a chief physician of Buddha to be known to as shbakagomarabad "Javika Kumar Baccha". In other words this massage method transmitted with transmission of the Buddhism developed at a Thai temple. And the massage subject changes into pajamas and lies on mat or a hard mattress on a floor. The massage massage person pushes the tophaceous rhythmical pressure with a hand and antebrachium to have the almost all parts of the body of the subject. Generally, the massage follows the SEN line (an energy line equivalent to Chinese meridian) of the body. In a certain movement, a leg and the foot of the massage person are used to fix the body of the subject or hands and feet and massage it with a foot while fixing a body in the movement that there is by hand. The oil is not used, but bandages of a hot herb are usually used we sometimes warm the body of the subject, and to quiet it. Generally, the full-course meal of the massage of Thailand continues two hours or more. We pull a finger, a toe, an ear and untie a phalangeal joint and step on the back of the subject and include that we bend the back of the subject to the bow shape by movement to turn in a full-course meal. Massage includes standard procedure and rhythm. Subjects ten or more are put in the large room, and people of massage may perform a massage procedure in the big group massage all at once in a group. We stop at the place, but it is approximately 300 Thailand bhat (at a rate of 2005 8 US dollars) degree or cuts it with the complete massage in typical 2-hour Thailand (takes where is this 5 times or more in the five star hotel). We enter the classification called the private enterprise qualification same as reflexology or curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. now because we are not found as a national qualification by the law of Japan. The national qualification of the bean amma massage chiropractor is necessary to cure using these massages. However, by the extension of the recent relaxation industry, people learning this massage worldwide and salons undergone a massage increase as well as all over Japan. A salon spreads out in not only Thailand but also Japan and U.S.A., the Europe steadily. However, because the Thai traditional massage is a private qualification, as for the standard of a technique and the knowledge of the massage person, width is wide, and the problem to cause an accident after having learned easily is up under the surface of the water.Because there are many salons where an inferior massage person operates on, attention is necessary.Also, we require attention because the suspicious supplier conducting manners and customs industry under the pretense of massage in Thailand is present. Cases excluded from the risk by the Thai traditional massage being accompanied with a stretch and strong pressure by adaptation of the insurance are usually often found. NPO corporation seems to include the authorized qualification group now while various schools and salons are full. Association of Kingdom of Thailand Embassy and Thai traditional massage seems to cope with the inquiry about the opening of business of the salon free.

■Alternative medicine
The alternative medicine (we held it we say and possess it alternative medicine) is the term that a meaning medical "used in substitution for" normal medical care was put. The alternative medicine is called the "supplement medical care" "complementation medical care". A name of "supplement alternative medicine" (C omplementary and A lternative M edicine:CAM) seems to be often used at the official places such as societies in both U.S.A. and Japan. The medical care that unified two of medical care and the alternative medicine is usually called "unification medical care". It is difficult to finish classifying all the alternative medicine, but may classify it in following four types roughly. The thing with the results that there was history / the tradition that had been succeeded to, and a study had the system with profundity and the expanse by much tradition physicians in migration, each country for long time several hundred years such as 1, traditional medical traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda (Indian medicine), yunani medicine (Islam medicine), Thai medicine or more, and were able to support the health of the nation of each country for a long time. Until, after modern times, "Western medicine" comes out to the front; the thing that rather this one was the mainstream. There is not it to 2, a folk remedy nation-like expanse; a thing by the small group. There are both the thing with the history and the thing which we appeared recently. A thing to expect an effect of as 3, prolongation of the therapy dietary cure concerning the nutrients (we refer to lists of alternative medicine). If there can be a specific diet, the thing of the diet, there can be the thing of the diet ingredient. If even if completely take in the tablet of the same ingredient, in the case of a diet ingredient, use insurance institution; usually called the medical care place it. The thing which is not recognized for the treatment that is standard from still most of physicians even if it is studied by 4, a physician of the advanced therapy Western medicine, and there was the used case in a part.

We say the point that is felt to shine like a ring or a turning wheel by the yoga of the Hinduism in the head of the human body, the chest, a flank. The number is said to be 6 or seven places, but there is the opinion which there is, and eight places are not constant separately from it. Mooladhara / cakra: A perineum, Swadhisthana / cakra: A pubic region, Manipura / cakra: A flank, Anahata / cakra: A chest, Vishuddhi / cakra: A throat, Ajna / cakra: The middle of the forehead, sahasrAra / cakra: Vertex has it. Count it for the facility from the base of the backbone; and called first cakra, second cakra ... ... call it, and do the one.

A chemical (the thing which is particularly noxious among heavy metal and synthetic compounds primarily) which has bad influence on a human body is accumulated in the body by all means in spending the modern society and is noised about when active oxygen is generated from the body of own. Detoxification is intake or the bathing of the supplement, and it is done with the method that is going to egest these internal toxic materials. Because most of these noxious materials are accumulated to the fat, some prophets connect it with diet and profess ourselves to be the effect. For a method of detoxification, we point to a dietary modification, mineral water, the drinking of the herb tea, various supplements, intake of the medicine, the bathing using bath articles, the going to a hot spring in the wide sense including the germanium warm bath, ion detoxification, bedrock bath, massage, the aesthetics using the electromagnetism appliance, the fast.

Toridosha opinion is a mineral, a plant, an animal, a human and an opinion assuming that the environmental world has three elements called vata・pita capa. There is difference in the strength of three elements, and, as for the human, it is said that we appear as a difference of character and the diathesis by an individual. Also, it is said that there are the eating habits to it, a therapy of illness. In each dosha, as for the barter, in "sky / wind", pita, "fire", Capa express "water / the ground". Dosha has the cycle of the change in order of Capa, pita, barter during one day, and there is a cycle during one year and changes during the life of the person. Also, even food or behavior change.

Nade is the way which a certain Purana = mind goes along in a body (an air duct, a blood vessel). Sen means large ten of them and it is said and is said to be nadi with the nervous system of 72,000 that branched off finely that) 72 of those is essential for a human body. "Pingala" (a pin Gullah) in "Ida" (Ida) in the left side of a body going along the "Sushumna" where three kinds of nade important primarily goes to spinal central nerve circumference and the right side of the body.
■Nuad Bo Rarn
We say massage based on Thai traditional medicine. It is the pronoun of the Thai traditional massage. "Nuad" points at massage precisely, and "the baud orchid" has ancient rite and traditional meaning. Thai traditional massage is called "Nuad Pen Bo Rarn Thai" precisely, and the recent Thai style massage says "Nuad Pen Thai".
■Part-t platatelom
We mean that we clear the wind gate, but "the platatelom " originally says the technique that the Thai traditional massage stops bleeding of. We stop a flow of the blood for dozens of seconds, and it is technique to carry oxygen and a nutrient to one cellular one by draining it at a stretch subsequently.
The thing which we wrapped a natural herb in with cloth on a ball. We say the herb ball. In addition, a massage is often performed and pushes the plastic glass which did steam to the body in Thai traditional massage and we swat it and are used. We bring effective healing by the natural extract and hyperthermia effect of the plastic glass. It is the unique technique that should be called even cauterization for Thailand.
The air flow that is mysterious in Indian philosophy, breath, mind. In Purana, is an English name definitely.

It is translated as homeopathic (homeopathy) "homeotherapy, homeopathy, same disease therapy". Also, it is one of the therapies classified in Hori stick medical care. It is counted in one of the alternative medicine in Japan. Homeopathy (homeotherapy) is extremely the therapy that we relieve a symptom by what we thin it and slightly give you, and is going to cure it with a material causing the symptom that resembled the symptom if we give the human who is healthy for the patients with a certain symptom it. For example, we give the patients the material including the material which we give temperature to if we give a healthy human it when we are going to promote alleviation of fever. Fever is promoted extremely for a short time by this, but it is said that we go to the alleviation of fever immediately. The latter makes much of a clinic and pays attention to the occasional symptom whereas we classify roughly for homeopathy, and there are two groups of the plaque tical if classical and the former attaches great importance to a theory and puts weight in the nature of the patients individual than the occasional symptom. However, nobody succeeds, and, as of 2007, a scientist / the doctor of most doubts that homeopathy shows grounds to be effective scientifically about real effect of treatment. From the situation that assumes the non-scientific nature a problem in this way, it is thought with false science and does it when it is only one of the false medical care, and it is often treated. On the other hand, in Europe and America, it is one of the alternative therapy that it is the widest, and spread that many therapy families deal with. In addition, homeotherapy and the alternative therapy are similar terms, but the meanings are totally different. Because the homeopathy is not found as medical care in Japan, we are called alternative therapy.


With the homeostatic homeostasis, an organic state is nature kept a fixed or the state regardless of the change of the organic inside and external environmental factors in one of the important properties to have of the creature. A creature is one of the requirements that are a creature, and it is an important element defining health. We are said to be the homeostasis. Claude Bernard of the 19th century assumes organic interstitial fluid internal environment; is physiologist Walter B Canon (Walter B. of the United States of America in the early 20th century Cannon) named it "homeostasis" (we coin a word from Greek to mean same (homeo) state (stasis)). The range kept the constancy amounts to the exclusion of the pathogenic microbe, overall biological function including the repair of the wound including temperature and blood pressure, osmotic pressure or pH of the body fluid. When these changed so that constancy is kept, a work to lay the change of a direction denying the effects that are going to put it back namely the change that occurred must be present. This is called negative feed-back effects. It is an autonomic nervous system and an endocrine system (hormone secretion) and an immune system to control these effects primarily. A thing with many what is given well by a case is regulation of body temperature. Because birds and the mammal are easy to be the most active at around 37 degrees Celsius that is the optimal temperature that an enzyme acts on, we are going to preserve temperature to this temperature. When temperature is higher than this, we are going to lower the temperature by sweating, dermovascular expansion and are going to give temperature by a shaking (shivering) and nonshivering thermogenesis (fever due to the metabolic sthenia) when temperature is low. The reason why temperature rises in the case of an infection is that a target temperature of the adjustment rises by an inflammation material. This is resistance activity using nature that a pathogen is vulnerable to heat. The antipyretic analgesic makes it defervesce by lowering this target temperature. Other than these, the blood pressure reflex function is frequently used for the explanation of the general idea of the constancy, too.

Oh, it is an Indian pot saying in Yul Veda. In the first place it was used in Indian martial arts or surgical medicine, and marma was recognized as a vital part to injure a person (we give damage). However, we are considered that we tie consciousness and a body and heal a mental disease, and marma is a point delicate at all that is used to control a person. We recognize it about marma, and the trifling event that we conducted can understand that we have a meaning so far by knowing the view of life of the Ayurveda.
Centralize a heart what the meditation (Meditation, where the niece goes along) is. We sense the Absolute (God) bodily vividly, and it is used for the wide range to a thing obtaining ultimate wisdom by the relatively daily thing that we conduct this name to merely regain psychosomatic quietness. We can classify the meditation roughly into two kinds and can call, for example, them "affirmation method", "method of elimination". We describe God and an image of Buddha, a sacred phrase, a specific letter in a heart, and "affirmation method" is it and a method it is psychic, and to fuse. "Method of elimination" is a method deleting all other images to make only ultimate presence develop. Based on a human heart having a multi-layer-like structure in meditation, there are many things that the method is assembled for the purpose of arriving at the highly advanced consciousness. For example, the consciousness is classified in "eight knowledge" in Buddhology / the psychology, and there is a layer called "mana knowledge" "AALA unpleasant knowledge " in that, and to arrive at there in meditation of the Buddhism; a systematic method of the efficiency is extremely included. Because there is confusion of the expression with the coming and going of translation between multiple languages about the meditation, we need some attention. The term "Meditation" comes from it from "meditatio" of the Latin. Because Christianity developed exclusively in the Europe, "Meditation" of European languages referred to Christian it and came to mean that we yearned for God, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary in a heart vividly and could float subsequently. If anything, this is equivalent to "self-observation" in the Buddhism or "meditation". However, it is common in Japan to translate the "Meditation" as "meditation". On the other hand, they "are not original self-observation", and the European and American book which we introduced them to is not rarely translated with "meditation" because a Buddhism term or "yoga" such as the "self-observation" "practice asceticism on a high mountain" are often translated as "Meditation" in Europe and America when it is translated into Japanese more (when, so to speak, imported again). In other words a Japanese may call the instructions object with "self-observation" and "yoga" even if transcribed into "meditation" and "meditation” in translation and requires attention because after all confusion may occur.
We recognize the not-self materials such as pathogens, and immunity (we obtain noodles and come) is a biophylaxis mechanism to remove. Using precision and dynamic communication, cells, tissue, an organ are connected complicatedly. Immunity may be rarely exercised for the self-component by abnormality of the immunoregulation and says autoimmune disease. The immune response due to the antibody acts on irritation and says the case that brought the living body a disadvantage adversely with an allergy. The immunity is one of the organic constancy maintenance mechanisms to remove "foreign body (nonself) varying with oneself" which got into the body which a human or an animal have. Generally, the immunity often works as a mechanism to remove the pathogen which invaded protein (snake venom or vespid venom) and the body which are macromolecule than it whereas the metabolism by the hepatic enzyme acts for the exclusion such as a drug or the chemical. We are important as an infection protective mechanism to protect the body from the infection due to the pathogen in particular and often point to this protective immunity when we merely call it with "immunity". We create the wall to interfere with bacteria or a virus invading the body, and immunity (protective immunity) is a mechanism to defend a living body by maintaining it. Even if source of infection broke through this wall, natural immunity supports source of infection. Natural immunity possesses a certain special cell and removes discovery before an invasion thing reproduces self as for them, and resulting in the serious damage for a host. It is acquired immunity to support the source of infection which broke through natural immunity. The acquired immunity exercises it once by coming in contact with source of infection, and sorting sets attack strongly as soon as we discover source of infection after motion. The acquired immunity is taken other than humoral immunity with blood protein such as an antibody or the complement by the cell mediated immunity due to the cells such as lymphocytes. Other than the B cells which we differentiate to lymphocytes and mature, and produce immunoglobulins, there is the T cell which we differentiate with thymus, and matures. In addition, the dendritic cells we take an antigen by phagocytosis and disintegrate, and to show to T cell are associated with manifestation of the immune function. These cells are produced with marrow and we pass through the interaction with lymphoid tissues such as thymus and lymph nodes, the spleen and come to show an effective function. In general, it is these effects that we hear it with "immunity", and many people remember.

The yoga is the general term of technique of the mind and body control of the origin in India or the ascetic practices method in a wide sense. Oh, things making much of mental concentration by the healthy yoga-like thing and meditation to attach great importance to only Sana (asana, posture) and planayama (breathing) vary. In a narrow sense, we point to the practice system to realize binding to God of the deliverance that began in the yoga school of the Six Systems of Philosophy namely the individual soul. In addition, the yoga gets into the life of modern people, and there is the diver adopting yoga for cave diving. There is the gym adopting yoga, but we resemble the full-scale yoga, and there are many things named the fault recently. Yoga Yoga is a noun derived from verb "yuj" of the meaning to "cover a horse with a yoke". In other words we seem to suggest that we control mind and body to control a horse when we look for the etymology. There is the person who pronounces it "yoga", but "yoga" is right because characters of "O" (O) are always long vowels in Sanskrit. It is only a problem that grow too much for a long time because the Japanese long vowel is a 3 times vowel sound of Sanskrit. We are known to say that we hear Indian pronunciation with yoga. The exerciser is called Yogini by Yogi, the exerciser of women. The clear origin is not sure, but, in the Indus Civilization of from B.C. 2500 to 1800, possibility with the far-off origin is noted it. Small images made by an image of a deity which we make 坐法, and meditates and various posing ceramics are found in the Mohenjo-Daro of city remains of the civilization. The oldest book that a word yoga is found "is Thaitiliya・Upanishad" formed in "the early period of from B.C. 800 to B.C. 500 of old Upanishad". Also, there is the oldest explanation of the yoga in "Kata・Upanishad" told to have been formed in from B.C. 350 to B.C. 300. As theoretical basics, the practice method was settled as "Yo Sutra" by Patanjali, and, in two centuries - about four centuries, it was organized metaphysics of the Sankhya as a practice method to deliverance. It is yoga by meditation, static yoga for contents primarily and therefore is called "rajahship yoga" (a = king / yoga). It is the yoga of eight stages when the method is said to be ashtanga yoga (the yoga of the eighth floor bridge).It is mountain, niyama,asana, breathing, plastic tea Hala (one feeling concentration), concentrated thought, static deliberation, summer D (a state of perfect spiritual concentration). Also, "a yoga school" was formed as the basic Scripture in ibidem. The same faction is placed in one of the Six Systems of Philosophy of the Indian philosophy. For the from twelfth century to thirteenth century, dynamic yoga developed based on outlook on tantra-like body. This is called grouper yoga (a power / yoga). The yoga spreading all over the world is a method of this grouper yoga now. We make much of difficult asana and breathing as content, and there is the tendency in pursuit of "supernatural power" and a state of perfect spiritual concentration. The yoga was Brahmanism, Buddhism, the ascetic practices method of the Jainism. Also, there are grouper yoga pladipica, gelanda sanheter, Shiva sanheter in the sacred book of the grouper yoga, too. It sails it up first in the sky sea where it went back to than (806 years), Tang in the Datong first year that yoga was handed down to Japan as yoga.As esoteric Buddhism practicing Buddhist asceticism such as "goma" of the Shingon Buddhism and the Tendai sect, "the outlook on a", we come subsequently at the present. The Zen meditation of the Zen Buddhism is sound copying of diyana described in yoga Sioux thoraChapter 2. The yoga as the hygiene to be prevalent in the public spread in the Showa era, but burnt down under the influence of a series of cases by the new religion group Aum Shinrikyo which introduced traditional yoga at one time now. But the healthy yoga became the boom again from about 2004, and we were referred as one of the dieting methods on TV, and it increased to be used in CM. In the fitness club, it is conducted as one of the studio programs similar to aerobics. As for this prevalence, it is thought that prevalence in U.S.A. particularly New York and Hollywood influenced it not the thing which flowed in directly from India, and in late years a same school line is reimported to India. In addition, there is the thing which the group pro-traditional yoga receives initiation by the present, and has the side of the religious group.

■Preventive medicine
With the preventive medicine, we study a cause to have an influence on disease outbreak / course / distribution / ups and downs and it and "make the mind and body which is hard to get sick than curing it after getting sick" in a narrow sense with study to plan preventing the disease and the psychosomatic health promotion that are hard to get sick. We prevent a disease, and it may be said that it is medicine based on a way of thinking to maintain health. Multiphasic health screening and the medical examination are one of the preventive medicine, too. Also, the traditional medicine such as Ayurveda or the Thai traditional massage has a preventive medicine-like way of thinking, too. Because it is not applied the insurance unlike curative medicine, it does not spread very much now.

We are called the reflex therapy and utilize the phenomenon that a change occurs in in the identification site of the body if we push the specific site of the planta pedis (we may include palms) primarily, and the reflexology (Reflexology) is a therapy to measure improvement of fatigue. As for the origin of the name, an opinion that it is neologism that merged OLOGY (a suffix to make a noun to express the meaning of study and the idea) with REFLEX (a reflection) is convincing. We may be called "refle" or "sole massage" by a contracted form by the everyday conversation from the user side. The person conducting reflexology is called a riff lek solo distrike (Reflexologist). As for the reflexology, U.S.A. is origin. After the patients whom Dr. William Fitzgerald who was an American physician (1872 through 1942) was operating for observed an act to press down hands and feet to the beams of the bed, and studying this medically, we were found to be effective in softening a pain and presented a book called "the zone therapy". We developed the zone therapy of Dr. Fitzgerald, and American physical therapist, Eunice Inge ham Ms. located that the specific site (reflection area) of the foot coped with each site of the body and made a foot chart (the map of the foot). The foot chart may be called "sole reflection area figure", and the place arresting as an aspect is characteristic. The foot chart may be expressed with "a sole key point figure", but, in the reflection area to stimulate by reflexology, there is not at all association with the pot (a meridian effective spot for applying moxa) which is a shiatzu point, and the expression called "the figure of sole key point" is not right (with differences various including "pot" arresting you in scattered "point" as compared with catching that reflexology is "aspect"). The reflexology resembles so-called masseur the bean amma / shiatzu, but the massage is born in France, and it is the procedure that bean amma and the shiatzu are affected by the Chinese meridian effective spot for applying moxa thought, and was born in Japan, and an origin and history, the theory vary with the reflexology at all. A thing called "Europe and America type" "Taiwanese style" "Chinese style" "Thai style" is famous in Japan.


Relaxation, relaxation (relaxation) be relaxed definitely. Sympathetic excitement is suppressed, and a parasympathetic work becomes in a state becoming dominant. The state that strain is removed. Activity and an act to make a human the relaxed state mentioned above. Relaxation, rest. We turn and are recreational. Recreation, leisure, entertainment. In physics, change from the state that the energy levels such as atoms are high in to a low state. We relax music-like feeling of strain in music during the progress of the musical piece. We relax a condition by the issue of palliative methods (relaxation technique) - optimization and attach an area of the lower limit.


Reiki is the alternative medicine that a folk remedy of the origin in Japan develops out of Japan, and spread. Hakui Reiki therapy which the Usui pot man began develops originally abroad, and it is a kind of care therapy that it simplified. The thing which reached from alone Hayashi Chujiro of the pupil of Usui Japanese-person resident in Hawaii, Takata hawayo is important, but it becomes clear that there is the thing which it reached from the route according to a few thing. We plan activation of the life, and it is said that we regulate invivo energy balance. Usui founds it and includes the names such as Masaharu Taniguchi of the vegetative house which there should be according to the internal tradition of Hakui Reiki spreading out without there being few people who have learned Hakui Reiki therapy in the founder of the new religion or Mokichi Okada of the Sekaikyuseikyo today. Also, there is the thing to be summoned to if re pro-development is smart. Karna Reiki, Seiki heat stetting are it. As a recent tendency, it is spreading out as the self-culture of the practitioner, a part of the ability development only as a folk remedy.

■Wat Pho

Watt plachetponwimonmankalalam=Lachaworamahawihan is famous for the name of Watt Poe. A Royal Family temple in Bangkok that is famous for the name of will) of "the temple of the going to paradise" of Thailand. There is giant death of Buddha Buddha shining with gold and may call it with the death of Buddha temple. It is the maximum temple which there is for a long time in Bangkok, and the plottage has an area of 50 rye (approximately 80,000m2). The structure of the temple is divided into two, and we catch a path in the north share and south that assume the main hall of a Buddhist temple or a reading room the center, and there is in southern part share. It is only a part of the north side to be opened to the public. Since chakly dynasty start, we grew up backed by protection of the imperial family. A pagoda in the sites is a thing such as the graves of King and the imperial family. We are known as one of the Chinese culture and the representative building of the Thai cultural mixed style, and a fragment of ceramics made in China is had on a pagoda, and the images with the Chinese style are decorated in the courtyard.



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