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Recruiting management staff

POINTS to be CHECKED in a seminar

Feel pleasant atmosphere

School should be pleasant place. It is very important that you fell a pleasure to go. When a human is not in condition to be relaxed, the reason is because it cannot take in things. If a pleasant atmosphere is felt, I wonder if I am not almost all right

Try to ask concrete plan

You have concrete future plan, you should ask it consultant. Because a future plan of the each student only does not matter for the real intention if is merely the school which wants to only make money; "this course is good"! You just only be recommended like that. The good school should suggest a concrete plan so that a student can flap. There is a point whether you do concrete suggestion to each person's circumstances and a future aim.

Check whether the staffs kindly hear of you or not.

Letfs take counsel together with guidance counselor. Check whether he kindly hear of you or not. If a counselor copes superficially, it means that the school copes only as superficial work. Because I learn in tandem if I enter it, I become kind, and let's choose the school guiding you.

Check the quality of an instructor and the instructor

After all an instructors are important. The technical standard may be incomprehensible if inexperienced. However, you should be able to check the human nature.
If even how famous teacher brags, human nature is doubted. It should be an owner of such human nature that a leader is not flower-shaped at all, and is pleased with a student leaving the nest heartily. The leading role is a student in the school.
The instructor matches it with an each person's student; and "how do get possible to do it?" "How can you clear this point?" The instructors have to think about and must teach it. "A student has weak that do not grow that oneself taught it properly"! It is disqualification in the saying instructors how. It is important to ascertain the neighborhood properly.

Check textbooks
Textbooks and the teaching materials are the important things which the life of the school can be. As a result, the progress of the student becomes slow if poor quality these.
If it went to visit the school with much effort, it is a point to check textbooks by all means.
Check whether a restroom is not stained
To check whether usually care about an invisible part, we recommend you to check the restroom. As for the way of the cleaning, a way of thinking for the work emerges. If it is the school which it stands in the situation of a student and the visitor, and works, mind should go to the restroom.
Hear students
If there are students in time of seminar, you should give them questions, for example; "Why did you enter this school?, gYou have fun in class fun?", "What kind of course you take?h, "From where do you commute to school?h, and "How much pace do you go to school?h You can get true information from frank questions.

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