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Recruiting management staff

Checked POINTS for Selecting SCHOOL

Make a decision not only by expense and amount of time

When you learn something newly, after all it takes expense and time. An attendance rate is high by the school and is cheap. You can calculate unit price at time if you divide an attendance rate by the number of hours, but do not make a high decision in this if cheap? However, it is rash to jump at because it costs low. There is a reason for a difference of the expense. As a result, "was cheap" whether was content to be able to make use of having learned in after graduation; "was high"; is particularly connected. "Will be cheap; there is the word to be bad",; but of the support system is different; including the quality of the lecturer, the technique standard what ascertain well is important why is the price.

Check the policy

When I learn a thing without the form like an ancient rite massage in Thailand, it is hard to understand the difference of the technical level very much. In both schools, "our technique is terrible. Will it be really so?h For example, the level has a gulf by the school even if I say "upper grade" to a mouthful. At a certain school, I learn the massage of approximately 60 minutes at a beginner's class stage and learn the massage for approximately 90 minutes at an intermediate stage, and it is to learn a 120-minute massage at an upper grade stage more. If it is an ideal that it is possible for the same massage even if anyone goes, I may be good in this. However, in Japan Nuad Bo Rarn, ways of thinking are totally different. I regard all the stages I learn a turn of the skill, and to perform it as a basic stage. A stage operating on that a turn is selected as even if it is Chiang Mai style even if it is Bangkok style is a basic stage. I let you do the stage that a therapist makes use of personality depending on the situation of the client at the upper stage, and a massage comes to have by free-style. The reason is because it thinks that it leads to the success as the therapist each therapist aims at the only one, and to show personality. By the school, the technical standard and way of thinking, policies are totally different in this way.

Choose not only at a place
The convenience to transportation is surely an important point. The school where it is easy to go to is surely attractive. However, a student enters Japan Nuad Bo Rarn from the all over Japan. From Hokkaido and Okinawa, Osaka and Shikoku, Hokuriku and Tohoku, many students went to school and left the nest. The reason is because there are some reasons for it. The results are because they do not tell a lie. Please refer for the one it is examined entrance to school in the one of the distant place, and to come to willingly. Including the introduction of the real estate article will guide you.
Check a way of activity of the graduate

The school is distributed between two greatly. I teach a student and bring it up, and it is charging two in the training to let a place doing that I push it from behind individually in Maine and the salon of the group work under the name of a school. Japan Nuad Bo Rarn does not do the pay training in Maine. In fact, graduates play an active part as a salon owner as a therapist most in all over Japan as a Thai ancient rite massage school with the history in Japan. The reason for being of the school is not confined to the simple technical acquisition. The results that alumni who had the bright future in his hand play an active part in the whole country are barometer showing the true value of the school.

Check curriculum contents

It is contents of the curricula to be interested. I am important whether I can use the technique that I learned on the site properly. When you was really in a position to operate, I will think about a person undergoing massage. In this case wants you to do such a thing. It is not possible that all people expect the same massage by the physical condition. It means that it can get a grip on itself by wearing knowledge and a technique, the general study that can support every needs and case to be important.

The therapist of the ancient rite massage in Thailand is short still more. Even if it says that it falls into lack of chronic therapist, it is not exaggeration. And, with up of the remarkable recognition of these past several years, the curriculum of the ancient rite massage in Thailand has been taken in at many schools. The contents have a problem in many cases at the school which adopted an ancient rite massage in Thailand for the reason of being popular. The reason is because it would not teach an original ancient rite massage in Thailand only by letting a student learn a turn. The ancient rite massage in Thailand is the very profound massage method approved as Thai traditional medicine. The reason is because a lot of parts that the basics of the way of thinking are totally different from curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. and Cairo exist. For example, I "am strong here, and it is pressure by the Thai traditional massage by the curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. about the part "that you must not strongly press here". However, Thai traditional massaged that give a positive result in it. As well as physical pressure, I lead healing by mind to be called Purana, and the Thailand ancient rite massage has both the still unknown spiritual sides. The original Thai traditional massaged is the massage method for the purpose of the treatment not simple relaxation.

Check support system; employment support , opening of business support

The opening of business rush of the ancient rite massage of these past several years in Thailand has a thing to stare wide-eyed at. The Thai traditional massaged can easily start without big investment in small space. You can use home and am good even if active mainly on delivery. One's time can last without freelance being restricted to anyone. Because Japan Nuad Bo Rarn is an authorized school of TTMA (NPO Japan Thai traditional massage), finding employment support / the opening of business support is substantial. If there are a motivation and a feeling of the consideration, both finding employment and the independence opening of business will go just as want.

Because Japan Nuad Bo Rarn is an authorized school of TTMA, 95% register themselves with TTMA therapist member. TTMA therapist member prints own profile in the homepage and receives an offer of the duty (more than Class C), and it is introduced on a homepage as an official recognition salon (more than Class B), and support of finding employment and the opening of business is substantial.

I check support / accident compensation after the graduation

At the overseas school, it is normal that there is not finding employment / the opening of business support in Japan. There is neither it nor the support after the graduation. It is an objection from a visitor to be the scariest after the opening of business. When you operate and make the body of the visitor strange by any chance, you must pay compensation for damages of millions of - tens of millions of. Therefore I want to receive adaptation of the accident compensation and a person from many overseas schools knocks on the gate of Japan Nuad Bo Rarn again and learns again. I take an entrance examination for the authorized professional therapist examination of TTMA, and there is the case accepted as TTMA therapist member, but the pass rate does not amount to 50% either. Because it is natural and does not learn that I am connected from danger at the school of the optional tour sense that only learns a turn, there is not a way.

Because Japan Nuad Bo Rarn is an authorized school of TTMA, 95% register themselves with TTMA therapist member. It is not necessary for TTMA therapist member to join the insurance expressly. The reason is because TTMA does accident compensation to 100 million yen at the time of emergency how. Even if this is a business trip visit except the salons, I give a Japanese response nationwide. In Japan Nuad Bo Rarn, the course corresponding to the authorized professional therapist qualification recommendation of TTMA is substantial, too.

TTMA therapist member can take various support!

The thing which is available to hit it which it is a lifetime technique, but knows without it is own way when time passes, and a strange habit knowing it. TTMA therapist member can attend at a study session free. You can raise a technique between professionals. Even a practicant comrade can have interchange. Various hint is covered by talking about not being readily settled even if troubled alone in practicant comrades. I "correspond to such a visitor in this way".I "attract such service", useful information should be provided. Therefore it is always with a key of the success between practicants to participate in the meeting. In addition, it is a core course:

"The throughout the life free repeat attendance system" has TTMA therapist member from general course. Repeat attendance is possible after graduation anytime. The target course "is "independent opening of business synthesis course", "salon management synthesis course", salon & school management synthesis course".

Charge-free is highest!
You can see sometimes such recruit advertisement; gYou can learn Thai traditional massage to a condition by salon for free"! We understand the feeling that without experience is interested in such an advertisement well. We think the salon side I am short of chronic therapists, and to be a last resort. In many cases, you take training by the program of 2-3 days, but the fact that it is said that a real inexperienced person operates for a visitor in all these training from the next week thinks that it is too dangerous. It doesnft become public very much, but the therapist of such a level generates an accident under the surface of the water. Therefore there is a fact to say that many insurance companies make Thai traditional massaged exclusion from an object of the compensation. In fact, the open Thai massage salon exists in the whole country without can join the insurance. It is dangerous. It is late to think after the accident. Where will such a salon owner take responsibility to? We feel it so that the salon owner who ran about for such a business lowers the level of the Thai traditional massaged easily. It is such a technique that I can disturb that I heal a human body even if it is a private qualification. The school will not be necessary if I seem to be able to simplify it in a few days.
Legal advisers of TTMA help you!
Legal advisers help TTMA therapist member, in case of trouble with Thai massage. It is very difficult to contract with the teacher of the legal adviser in individuals. You can get consulting anytime even after graduation. Therefore you will be able to devote yourself to work in peace.

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